“Act now as if you are in the place that you want to be.”

“Act now as if you are in the place that you want to be.”

Sometime back, Judy Goodman passed this important suggestion onto me. I have a list of things I manifest every day and this idea is at the top of the list.

Can I convincingly put 100% of myself in that mindset every day? No, but it sets a place for me at the table, so to speak. Although we may not be exactly “where we want to be,” we are fortunate to have an abundance of things in our present lives. From that viewpoint, we can observe that much is already “in place,” and the gap between the now and the “where you want to be” may feel smaller and not out of reach.

As explained in the book, our thoughts literally create reality, and when you can tell yourself and feel that you are in a good place presently, your thoughts will aid in creating and maintaining that space for you. If we were to consder everything that comprises that good place and distill it down to a core description, we would simply call it happiness.

Going back to the “Act now as if you are in the place that you want to be,” becomes an efficient way to take stock of your life presently and be grateful for what you have.

Much is already “in place.”

Happiness results, and that is our goal after all. This positive emotion attracts more happiness and even with the ups and downs in life, we are continuing forward to the “place that you want to be.”

Take a bit of time and enjoy the happiness you have and pass it on. It’s delightfully contagious.

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