We Required a New Home, Not Just Any Home and Fast!

We Required a New Home, Not Just Any Home and Fast!

Selling one home and buying another is typically a slow and complicated process. How can you speed everything up and find the perfect home hidden in the haystack? Read what Colette did and thank you for this inspiring story!

After living on a large, glorious property with a home and artist studio for many years, it was time to downsize and cut expenses. My husband and I have a rather high aesthetic, so keeping our standards up and being near the same location were priorities for us.

Since we knew the area, my first choice was a cluster of town homes nearby. The price would work for us, but not all of these homes are alike. To make things more complicated, we put our present home on the market and quickly had a firm contract from a buyer. We needed our wonderful, new home fast.

None of our preferred homes in that cluster were presently for sale and there wasn’t a satisfactory plan B in sight.
The market was in a frenzy, and there were many stories of how buyers weren’t able to stay in the area of their choice.

I’m am very familiar with Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and have been using it steadily for a long time now and with great results, so I knew things could turn out in my favor. First, I would have to ignore the fear and negative reports about the local market. Instead of planning for uncertainty, I started thinking about the possibilities of a new home.

I put my manifesting skills right to work and imagined that one of those homes, the best of the group would quickly come up for sale and we would buy it!

I started viewing my dream scenario homes on YouTube design episodes to keep my vibration up. Then I developed a movie of my own making, taking place in my future just like the book recommends. I kept it playful in order to stay inspired and to have fun in the process. My future movie went like this:

I envisioned the feeling I would have while I was in my new home, the sense of relief and expansiveness.
I kept focusing in my daydreams on the area I wanted, all the while looking around half-heartedly at other homes near our chosen area.

I imagined visiting my ideal area and this time went right into the perfect home and seeing my furniture with the movers bringing it through the door.
Plus, I was also imagining the homes on the street of my choice and telepathically communicated to the owners that they needed to move out – so we could move in.

I did all of this with great confidence and once my movie was over I let it all go with gratitude. All of my desires around my new home, the street, the area all of it. I just didn’t think about it anymore for the rest of the day. At the start of the next day I continued again, daily manifesting for a couple of weeks …

Then our real estate agent called us with the news that the best home of the group just came onto the market! We moved quickly and got a tour of the home. Surprisingly, we saw a jade sculpture and another work in amethyst inside, some of the same materials that my artist husband works with. Seeing those objects made us and the seller feel aligned with a commonality we all enjoyed.

The home was perfect, so after seeing the home, we put in our offer and it was accepted immediately.

In a tight buyer’s market, the connection we had with the seller prompted the seller to work with us even though there were multiple offers. The timing was perfect because our home tour meeting was the day before New Year’s and many agents and their buyers were distracted.

We were thrilled. Everything came together as if by magic!!!

I wanted to share this and encourage others to do the same. It’s all in the book and it is so simple to do!

Note: Colette’s husband, Lyle Sopel is considered to be one of the preeminent living, jade and gem-nature inspired sculptors. View his works here

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