I Manifested a Plan and Found the Solution Immediately!

I Manifested a Plan and Found the Solution Immediately!

Amazing how the solution was there for the asking…

I have been a contractor for many years now and I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs. I work on my own most of the time doing landscaping jobs for individual clients. Many of those years have been a struggle and I was always looking for the key to an easier way of living and a more successful, financial outcome.

I have been doing the practical things to improve my business such as community networking, advertising and other methods, and as helpful as that is, it’s still wasn’t giving me the result that I needed. As hard as I was trying, I was left stressed out for months, working too many hours with not enough income.

I have used what I learned from Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3 and it has been very helpful at times. I can’t say that I’ve been absolutely diligent with the manifesting but lately, it was time to refocus on the idea of making something happen.

I made a list of the outcomes I desired and in my prayers I asked for these things to become reality. I did the same thing with my manifesting practices. I used that same list, specifying that in my future all of the things on my list had already happened, and I was very grateful at the good outcome.

Here’s my list:
To be happier
To make more money every day
To be better organized in the work I’m doing and with time management
Less stress
That I would finish jobs ahead of schedule
That I would have more time for me to enjoy life

Here’s what happened:
I often attend meetings with other contractors and we would swap ideas, advice and give each other support. In one of those meetings some year and a half ago, someone told me about a podcast series that I should seriously look into. It was a way to improve my business. I really didn’t give it another thought at the time but it came back to mind once I made my new manifesting list.

I looked into the podcast and it was very, very informative. The podcast proposed a number of fresh ideas including a better way to handle customers, inquiries and on site presentations. The whole process was more insightful and efficient than what I was doing. The answer was available to me for over a year and I finally listened to it and realized that information could be just the thing I needed. Amazing that it didn’t “appear’ until I put together a plan using my thoughts and prayers to create a good outcome.

I used the information for the podcast, put it to work and waited for the results. The outcome, as it turns out, was successful beyond my wildest dreams!

Everything came together for me quickly, and in two weeks I got $30,000 in deposits! I’ve never had a success all at once like that. I have to tell you, it feels wonderful and going forward, the success has been continuing. I feel more confident, happy, less stressed, and finally, I have more time to just live! Oh, and my customers are happier as well, making repeat business much easier to get.

I am thrilled at how all of this came together once I made a focused plan, asked for help and began to manifest a future where everything had come true. This works!!

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