Against All Odds, Manifesting a Home for Her Family

Against All Odds, Manifesting a Home for Her Family

T writes:
I would like to share my manifestation testimonial with you and let you know that simply based off of the website testimonials, I was able to manifest a home for our family! I don’t even have your book yet, but just using some of the steps I’ve seen others on the website use, I was able to manifest it! Please feel free to publish this testimonial on the page to give some hope and encouragement to those wanting to try manifesting something that seems well beyond their reach. Thank you so much again for all that you do for this world!!!

Here is my story:
It worked for me! I am in such shock right now, because I knew it COULD work theoretically, but I didn’t know for sure it WOULD work. On February 22, I decided that I would do a 30-day Manifestation Challenge. My daily affirmation was “Our 2 bedroom home in Albuquerque is on its way!” Me, my husband, and our two daughters lived in California at the time but we had been planning on moving to Albuquerque at the end of our lease. No family, no friends out there, just us. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to land a new rental though, because we have poor credit and an eviction on our record. I had a work-from-home job that I’d be able to continue working while in Albuquerque, but not my husband. Because of our poor credit and rental history, every time I would send in an application for a spot in New Mexico, we’d get denied.

I didn’t know HOW we would get the house, but I knew that’s what I wanted. So everyday, I would say my affirmation, I would also write it down at the top of the page in my gratitude journal, make sure to visualize it everyday, and added it to my vision board that I already had on my computer desktop background. On March 22nd, we drove down to NM with nowhere to go, but an AirBnb that we had booked for 2 days. Because of the current Coronavirus national lockdown, I noticed on the AirBnB page that there would be a freeze on future bookings. That’s when it dawned on me! Why not ask the owner if we could rent THIS house from him!

I proposed the idea to him and he loved the it! He drafted up the lease and now we have been living here for the past 5 months! No application process, no rental history check, no credit check and it’s the perfect house for our little family! It’s a beautiful THREE bedroom home (I only asked for 2!!!), fully furnished in a beautiful part of town and it came on literally day 30 of my manifesting challenge.

It seems like this is a made-up story when I say it out loud, but I swear it’s 100% true! I’m sooo excited! I can’t wait to KEEP manifesting! I don’t even have a copy of Ken’s book yet! I was just using some of the strategies some of the other success stories from the newsletter! I’m going to set up a new 30-day goal now. I’m just so grateful for Ken’s newsletter here for giving me the courage to attempt to attract something that seemed so out of reach for us (especially in only 30 days)! Thank you, Ken, SO MUCH! And I would definitely advise everyone to give it a shot!

Kind regards,

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