If You Can Think It, You Can Bring It!

If You Can Think It, You Can Bring It!

Nicole writes:
On July 15, 2020, I was on a Zoom call with my two friends and we had been playing around with the idea of using our imaginations to create/manifest things we wanted in our physical worlds. While in a group meditation, we were all practicing imagining, creating and manifesting what we needed in our worlds while also energetically supporting each other. I started to play around by envisioning my future which included my husband and our future child we are hoping soon enters our lives. I was picturing the stereotypical New England, 4 bedroom Colonial home with a large private backyard yard, a dog and perhaps a pool. Then my focus shifted to having a new car sitting in the driveway.

My 2013 Honda CRV had served me well over the past 7 years with about 95,000 miles on it. The car was beginning to drive a bit rougher and had begun making a few noises here and there. Being on the road all the time for my job, I asked intuitively if it was finally time to trade in my trusted SUV for a newer, safer one, but no immediate answer was received.  Continuing to use my imagination, I focused on a newer, safer SUV for me and our growing family. I started to see a darker colored SUV with plenty of space for car seats, strollers, and real estate signs, sitting in the driveway of the home I had been imagining. I began to focus more intently on that SUV, letting go of the rest my manifesting thoughts and solely focusing on the car. I intuitively started seeing an image of exactly what I needed in my next car, down to the leather heated seats, AWD, sunroof, all must-haves for me.

Sitting in mediation and thinking about this car is one thing, but at some point, I knew that action should be taken. So I began to research SUVs and Crossovers in-depth on a Thursday evening, looking at their safety ratings, spacious interiors, reviews and ability to drive in the snow. To my surprise after about 4 hours of serious digging, I had narrowed it down to 4 SUVs that could work for me. I was leaning towards the Subaru Outback and decided to look at the local dealership to see what they had in stock. There it was, a beautiful silvery-blue Premium Outback under $35,000. I immediately hit the “request more” info button but since It was now close to midnight, I knew I wouldn’t hear anything until the morning. I went to bed again asking for a sign that it was time for a new car.

I’m in the real estate business and the next morning I was sitting in at a home closing just a 1/4 mile down the road from the Subaru dealer I contacted the night before. To my amusement, I received a call from Subaru in the middle of my closing which I was unable to answer, but I must have laughed out loud at the irony of the situation. My client asked me what was so funny, so I explained that I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to trade in my car and explore buying a new one, but the call I missed was the dealership. She looked at me and said, “Well how many miles does your car have on it now?” When I told her the mileage, she exclaimed: “That is a no brainer, you have to sell before it hits 100,000 miles. You need to go to the dealership after we are done here.” The other real estate agent and closing agent also agreed that I should at least go have a look. I took this as the sign, and the answer I had been asking for – it was time.

When I showed up at the dealership, it wasn’t great news – the car I was interested in, the beautiful silvery-blue Outback was already spoken for. However, the salesman said, we do have 2 more available Outback’s on the lot. One was a special Onyx sporty model that didn’t interest me, and the other was a Limited Black Outback with chrome trim, leather heated seats, a sunroof and other bells and whistles such as navigation, and a ton of safety features.

This car was a far superior, more desirable version of what I had been looking for, but $3,500 more than I wanted to pay, so I wasn’t sure. Due to Covid-19, the test driving rules had changed and I was allowed to drive it on my own. They gave me a map and sent me on my way. Of course, I LOVED the car. It had everything I had envisioned, two-toned leather heated seats, sunroof, heated seats, and more. This was the ONE if they offered it me the right price and gave me a good trade-in value for my car. It would be coming home with me.

To my astonishment, he was willing to lower the price and with my trade-in, the pricing came in just right. Once they handed me the keys, I sat there for a minute, completely astonished by what had transpired over the last 48 hours. My manifesting had not only brought me the car I was envisioning but went one step further to upgrade it to the better model car I truly wanted. My intention was to get the very best and safest car for me and it had magically appeared right before my eyes.

The power of our imagination and our ability to manifest is incredible and I will continuing to manifest and create my best world.

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