This Was the Big One and Together, We Manifested Our Success!

This Was the Big One and Together, We Manifested Our Success!

In this story, a family talked about a new home together, a perfect one. There were plenty of details, timing and financing to consider and to make it all work, they simply listed their requirements and envisioned it all in their future. Without getting bogged down in the fearful how or when, they let their thoughts efficiently bring it all together. Don’t forget the gratitude and now it’s your turn!

Theresa writes:
10 years ago, my children and I started talking about how and where we would like to live. We live in a Seattle suburb…not our idea of paradise. The cost of living is so high that two of my three children, though adults and steadily working full time, cannot afford to move out on their own. Luckily, I enjoy their company, so having them living with me at ages 45 and 37, is NOT a problem for me. NO empty nest syndrome here. They pay their own bills, and contribute to household expenses, so it’s all good.

We started talking about moving to a more rural area, closer to my oldest son and his family, 40 miles south of where we are currently living. After my husbands’ death last year, the kids and I started looking for a new home, while getting work done on the current house to allow us to sell it and expect a good price.

While this was happening, my oldest sister and I had been discussing our ‘options’ as widows, as she had lost her spouse about 5 years ago. We decided we would combine our households and our resources, and by comparing numbers, confirmed that we would be able to have a much nicer retirement than either of us could have on our own. So, my sister sold her home 3 months ago and moved in with me and my kids. She will provide the down payment and we will pay off the mortgage from the sale of my house.

So, we all began to manifest the perfect home for us. The simplest idea from your book that really spoke to me was the concept of envisioning my best life, without restrictions, and accepting that it was there for me, and topping off that vision with gratitude. Gratitude for me was the key. It was declaring that the universe accepted that I was “worthy” of my dream, and was working to provide that dream for me and mine.

My family and I continually talked about how we wanted to live, drew floor plans, talked about what we would DO with our new home, and what would be its PURPOSE. There is so much we want to do, and having the right home, in the right location, with the right people, was crucial.

We collectively envisioned it all. We also were painfully honest about ourselves. We started out talking about acreage and animals, only to admit that at our current stages of life, that was more than we could realistically take on (my sister is 72, and I will be 65 in September). We also had to accept the reality that none of us particularly like yard work, so all that acreage is probably not a good idea.

As we looked at many houses and properties, we paired down and refined what we really wanted. We accepted, with gratitude, that the right place would become available at the right time and for the right price. Again, the envisioning and accepting with gratitude that it was there for us was key, and we collectively agreed on what we were looking for.

Here’s the good news. We have already found a home that met ALL of our criteria, is well within our budget, is in the area we wanted to live and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We’ve made an offer that has been accepted and we have been approved for the financing we need to buy the house until mine can be sold. I am OVER THE MOON happy!

We will be moving in about two months, and I look forward to spending the holidays in my new home, surrounded by my family, who will now be close enough to spend time with me and mine and without the hardship of an hour-long drive. 

I am so happy and grateful for the beautiful revelation provided in your book, Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and you don’t need #3. I can’t thank you enough for your insight and your willingness to share that insight. It has made an amazing difference to me and mine.

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