At Last, They Found Happiness, Part 1

At Last, They Found Happiness, Part 1

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Part 1

Since this series of newsletters began, there have been amazing manifesting stories in a lot of categories. People have manifested jobs, cars, houses, income and more.

There are a number of relationships that have been manifested but the participants feel that those stories are still unfolding so they haven’t been talked about here, at least until now. This is an important story about a wonderful relationship. To be gentle with your feelings, I’ll tell you at the beginning that it was all too short.

Cynthia is a lawyer. She is bright, professional and girl next-door cute. Her practice is a busy one. She represents people who were harassed, discriminated against, or unjustly fired from their jobs. It is challenging work and at times not as lucrative as she deserves, but it is her heart’s work. She has been single for some years now and after considerable thought, she decided to join, the online dating service. Her intention was to find that really good man with whom she would have the great and lifetime love with. Her bar was set very high and she let that be known on her online profile.

She put a lot of effort into putting her best foot forward with her profile and very importantly, deciding what it is that she required in a relationship. Cynthia was creating a very large intention towards one goal: the best, loving relationship she can imagine.

Then she went further. She prayed for it to be given to her.

She had been on the dating service six months when she was saw Kevin’s profile. She wrote a short note to him and he quickly responded. He cleared the first hurdles with an ease, humor and vulnerability that she found attractive. He felt very comfortable with her as well and a flurry of emails ensued. Since they were communicating through the dating service, their true emails, last names and phone numbers were not revealed. It’s a standard protocol that provides a level of security for all the parties involved.
A rich dialogue followed and their communication only became easier, opening up to wide variety of subjects. They were quickly beginning to know each other very well and their hearts were opening. Over the next few days they were in continual contact and wrote at least three long emails to each other every day. Kevin even changed his schedule, getting up earlier in the day so he could read and respond to Cynthia’s latest emails before going to work. In a very short time, they had spent countless hours getting to know each other better and further opening their hearts. They were realizing that this new relationship had real potential. Their needs, expectations and kind hearts were a real match.
Each day brought new surprises, delights and comfort with one email following the other. Something wonderful was happening. They
both talked about their tendencies to withhold information, to be careful in relationships. But the two of them had reached a new level and they were revealing themselves without the usual restraints.

This was love emerging. They were both feeling things that they hadn’t felt in years. Kevin made the comment that only the young could feel this way, but obviously, his emotions were telling him otherwise. His feelings for Cynthia were enriching his life and at last someone was bringing Cynthia the happiness that she had been asking for. He said it was more than chemistry for him. It was magic, natural and fun.

During this time, Kevin was in Tampa, FL on business. It had only been a week but it seemed like much longer. By mutual design, they still didn’t know each other’s last names or personal contact information. On Thursday morning, Kevin invited Cynthia to dinner at a mutually admired restaurant in Denver, Pappadeaux, and set a time six days away, Wednesday at 6 o’clock. Cynthia excitedly accepted and felt they would have plenty of time to exchange names and numbers, as well as world of other things that night, and for many others to come.

Cynthia’s story will continue next week…

Two people simply asked to be in a good and loving relationship.

To have that relationship you dream of, just put forward the prayer, the intention. Don’t forget, someone else is doing the same and by asking, you are more than halfway there.
Make your intention known every day and continue on with your normal life. Strive to be better in small ways. Perhaps you can treat those you meet as if you are with your perfect partner. Be aware that your good intention is forming, so act in attractive ways: just be kind, smile and get out a bit. Say yes more often because you have become the focus of your loving creation. Be patient and be ready.
More of this remarkable story will follow Thanksgiving week.Let’s be grateful,


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