Manifesting a Multiple Result!

Manifesting a Multiple Result!


It was a few years ago during the worst of the recent depression. The housing market was horrible and that is a very bad thing because I sell homes for a living. I was in a very bad spot. Since I wasn’t getting commissions, I was going into my savings and I could clearly see the bottom of that well. Perhaps I would get lucky, perhaps I had a tool I could use.

Before Ken wrote Manifesting 123, we often discussed the techniques that he later wrote about. I had some successes and now it was time to use the techniques to help my struggling real estate career. I kept it simple and visualized success in my future career. Shortly after, I got an amazing call.

My speciality is selling homes in an exclusive, gated community. Only a select group of builders are allowed to construct homes here and I’m familiar with most of them. So it was odd that I got a call from a builder I didn’t know well. He knew that I was very successful selling in this community (well before the crash anyway) and he wanted to talk to me. Of course I agreed and we soon met.

In this community, there are few lots left to build on and even fewer parcels with multiple lots. Regardless of the current state of the economy, he was moving forward to build 50 new homes on a remaining parcel. The meeting was about my being the sales agent for all 50 homes! Details were worked out between us and many months after all the building permits, etc cleared it all came to pass. Building has begun and the first home has already sold!

I simply worked to manifest success in my career, never dreaming that 50 homes would fall in my lap. Wow!


Keep it simple and express you desire in unlimited terms.

W. could have asked for a lot of house sales, but she just specified that her career was a success. Imagine selling 50 homes, all to different buyers with different circumstances.

That would be great, but how about 50 homes over a period of time in a very efficient way.? Who would have thought of that?

Since she didn’t limit the outcome she got a great result – more than she would have conceived of. By the way, she did weather the tough times. It wasn’t great, but she survived to enjoy the housing sales boom that followed. All is well and besides, she has 49 more homes beginning construction – a nice rainbow for months to come.


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