Before I Gave Up, I Tried One More Thing

Before I Gave Up, I Tried One More Thing

Life is complicated and not always easy. There are things we are obligated to do and numerous restrictions that get in the way and lessen our potential for joy. Regardless, we all have a powerful gift. By asking and manifesting, our thoughts can create a clear path though and present us with solutions, large or small, that are often better than we would think to ask for. Sometimes it looks like a superpower. Just ask Amy.

Amy writes:
My aunt has a time share in Hawaii and went there two years ago in 2020. We were on the big island and it was it was good but I was exhausted afterwards with all of the touring we did. We didn’t allow a lot of time for rest and relaxation during the trip. I did love the energy there and it did make an impression on me, but once I got home, it was like I needed another vacation.

I was a little hesitant to travel that way again. Should I go back, I’d love to go feel the amazing energy I experienced there again, to just relax and to be still a lot more.

I’ve been looking at tickets for the last five months and nothing was coming up under a thousand dollars. The prices were easily $1200 and they fluctuated upward from there and also, the timing for available tickets were always off. There were other things in the way as well. My dog needed about $2000 of vet care and I couldn’t consider leaving until that was resolved, and then there was the dog sitter problem to be solved.

My cousin in Florida heard I wanted to go to Hawaii, so she contacted with me the other day. She knew about my difficulties in making that happen and asked if I was giving up on the idea. After hearing that she was interested in seeing me and knowing that she and her husband would be flying all the way from Florida, well, I couldn’t complain about my costs. Still, there were obstacles in the way.

I discussed this with someone and he pointed to my priorities and everyday responsibilities. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I began to think, what are my priorities? It was my positive energy – my happiness that is foremost. That’s why I made the decision to begin doing artworks in addition to my regular job back in February 2020 during the covid shutdown. I began creating art on a regular basis and I loved that feeling, it brought back the memories of those Hawaiian energies.

So I refocused and decided that yes, I would go back to Hawaii. I really want that more of what I felt there. That is my priority, a part of my happiness and it’s going to propel everything else in my life.

That being decided, I told the Universe I’m not going unless the ticket is under $700. Lacking solutions of my own, I told the Universe to make it happen.

So the next morning, I’m sitting in a lot while my vehicle is being serviced and I get an email from Southwest Airlines. It was a special pricing alert I had signed up for. I looked at it, put in my travel dates in and there is was, a $645 round trip fare on the precise date I wanted! No double or triple flights to make it happen. It was the perfect booking!

I HAVE to buy this ticket. I’m stuck! Now I have to go because I just totally asked for this to come my way, and it came in perfectly! So I’m going to Hawaii…accept it and buy that ticket.

I went back to the friend that gave the advice earlier and he very surprised at what I had done. I explained how the pricing worked out but there was just one more thing. “So you want me to watch the dog?” he asked. And I said, “Yes, please.”

I felt so much love in my heart when I was purchasing that ticket. It was like my whole being was exploding from my center. I was the reality of my asking and successfully receiving. It felt so powerful loving, and so amazing! I told the Universe what I wanted, went to sleep and early the next morning, it was there.

There are occasions with the thing that is asked for or manifested comes in quickly, even miraculously. It was a giddy time, hearing her story and I jokingly asked, “What took so long?” Big laughs!


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