On the First Try, Manifesting That Man Quick! And Then…

On the First Try, Manifesting That Man Quick! And Then…

It’s all about the asking. With A’s story, the asking was done casually, a bit of fun. But once we decide on something important, our minds will touch it from time to time and occasionally, that’s all it takes to get the result. A little more practice and information is helpful at times and that’s what the book and the 400+ newsletter stories are for. Enjoy what A. has passed on to us. Thank you!

From A:
A small group of women were talking in my backyard, enjoying ourselves and having drinks. One of the women was explaining manifestation to the rest of us and we thought, how interesting. We had never heard of such a thing. She told us that we could manifest the man of our dreams. “What would he look like?” she proposed to us.

I jumped right in on that since this a sounded like fun and said that I wanted a tall, handsome, country club kind of man that is, among many other things, interested in art. Oh yes, there was another important thing, that he had an open-minded bent, with a kind of hippie vibe.

Not long after, I was at a restaurant with the girlfriends and in came this well-dressed, tall, handsome man, arriving with his buddies. They had just finished a round of golf at the nearby country club. As it turned out, we started conversing and he was very interesting, including his enjoyment of the arts. This is really getting good!

It was time for our girlfriend group and the man to leave, but my conversation with him continued out to the valet area as we all waited for our cars. His came first and this unbelievable thing happened. His vehicle pulled up and he was given the keys to a van. It wasn’t just any van but one that was Completely Covered, every inch, in those hippie flower stick-ons! What the heck is going on?? It was one of the funniest things that had ever happened to me. My girlfriends kept the joke going with their infectious laughter and asides. Even today it still gets a big laugh every time someone brings it up!

That was all pretty conformational, right? The man and I did spend more time together because after all, he was just what I had asked for.

Following along… it was a short time later when I discovered a bit more about this manifesting thing. All that I had requested came to me but I should have specified one additional thing – availability. He was married and that became the end of our story!

Well, lesson learned. I’m still manifesting successfully but that was the absolutely one of the most stunningly accurate events ever, and by far the most unique and funniest thing that I had ever put together!


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