Manifesting Is Not Always Easy, So Here Are More Tools!

Manifesting Is Not Always Easy, So Here Are More Tools!

Manifesting is a powerful tool for creating the results you aspire to and fortunately, it is not the only one. There are over 400 stories in this newsletter archive and on many occasions, simply asking, wish lists and visualizing that ideal future have produced good results as well. Prayer is also very powerful, particularly in conjunction with a strong loving component and the act of surrender as A. used in her story.

Here are two more tools:
“Heart-to-Heart” as recommended by Judy Goodman. Judy is central to the Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 book. The second is to ask God /Spirit to send the “Extraordinary Seed” to others and for yourself as well. Judy will be giving a Zoom seminar on this new topic, Wednesday, March 16. Complete info and registration

Put it all to work for you!

A. writes:
I just wanted to share some news regarding my daughter.
Two years ago, she left college unexpectedly and moved to another city without telling anyone. Then for the next year, she would not communicate with anyone in her family and it broke all of our hearts.

After repeated attempts at communication from my end (and hearing nothing back), and almost 2 years of active “manifesting,” I called in God /Spirit to handle it for me and just released it. 

Having done that, I then got the idea to try something Judy Goodman had recommended, “Heart-to-Heart” for the two of us at least once a week. That actually did have an impact. Once I started doing “Heart-to-Heart,” my daughter reached out to her dad and her dad’s parents and began communicating with them (but not to me…but hey, at least she reached out to someone).

I was told that she is (slowly) adapting to life back in the town she left, but the big news is that a few days ago she texted me for the first time since may of 2020! YAY! Now she has been texting me every day since. I am so over-the-moon that I cannot put it into words.

As a mother, this was an extremely distressing time for me and the family. I didn’t know what else to do and it seemed that the more I tried to manifest a good relationship between us, the more heartbroken I became. So, I just laid it out there for God /Spirit and asked Him to handle it for me…that whatever I was doing wasn’t working the way I wanted it to work and He needed to take over.

I am going to continue to do “Heart-to-Heart” and I will hold a vision of a good, healthy relationship with my daughter in my heart.

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