Where Do You Want to Go? Manifest It!

Where Do You Want to Go? Manifest It!

Here is a classic story around a singular thought that was repeated and reinforced constantly. Does it sound easy or too good to be true? You would be correct, but that’s how manifesting works. It should be noted that Melissa never doubted or labeled her intention as impossible. She never got in the way of the dream she was building. Think it, repeat it and be grateful in advance for your wonderful outcome. That’s the basis of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. We are all equally capable of creating marvelous things in our lives, just ask Melissa.

Melissa writes:
Random moments change lives. Mine arrived in the form of a Sunday afternoon phone call from a professional colleague asking whether I would like to join her on a ski trip to Banff, British Columbia.

A childhood in Florida left me with a lot of experience with water sports – but the closest we got to winter was the rare night when the temp dropped below 32 degrees. That’s when my father left the sprinkler system going overnight so that when we woke, the orange trees in our yard were coated in ice. Pretty cool. But not exactly winter.

Six months after that phone call, I arrived in Banff, British Columbia as a member of the Atlanta Ski Club. The more experienced skiers in the group helped guide me through renting boots and skis and recommended booking a lesson for the following morning.

As my colleague had assured me, the Ski Club had a wide span of abilities and two other women joined in for a group lesson. We met our instructor, a young 20-something woman named Keilty. The four of us stood side-by-side in our newly, but-not-so-comfortable gear, just at the edge of the slope, waiting for our first instruction.

I looked around and in a single moment, it happened. Something inside shifted. Somehow I knew this place. I would discover later on that my genetic heritage is almost 30% Norwegian and Swedish so perhaps it was some ancient limbic system memory awakening. I loved everything that I saw that day: the bright, white monochromatic landscape and the pleasing geometry of snow-covered spruce trees; the bite of the cold air in my lungs. The slight edginess and primal fear of losing control during a fast run down the slopes. The heart-pounding athleticism of skiing. I was home.

After our morning lesson we re-grouped for lunch and something else dawned on me. As I looked around the restaurant, I saw that that the majority of the skiers having lunch were 65 or older; there was a lot of gray hair! This meant to me that here was a sport in which I could invest time, money, effort and enjoy it the rest of my life.

I was in. I wanted this. No matter how long it took.

For the next 15 years I continued my annual ski weeks with the Atlanta Ski Club. But in between that yearly trip, I kept the vision always in front of my mind: of becoming a great skier, living close to a mountain where I could ski everyday, not just once a year and living in an idyllic, picture postcard snowy place year-round.

On each ski trip I bought decals, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, sweat shirts and wool caps that sported the logo of whatever ski town I had visited. The magnets lived on my refrigerator door and were in front of me every time I opened the fridge. The decals lived on notebooks, computer covers and a ski helmet.  My vision for the future was present for me every single day.

Gradually, as my professional life evolved into a consulting schedule, my once-a-year ski trip turned into two weeks a year. Then I met my husband, who was a life-long skier, and loved it as much as I did. Our trips became three weeks at a time. When we began researching possibilities for a ‘forever’ home in retirement, there was no question that a ski town would be the right fit.

It took twenty years from that first encounter in Banff to where I am today, but I made it happen. Now I live one mile from one of the best ski mountains in the country…maybe in the world. My daily view has evolved from a refrigerator door of ski town magnets to the Steamboat Springs gondola, which I see from my living room window.

The power of intent. It works!


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