Help! Manifesting and a Shout Out Saved the Day

Help! Manifesting and a Shout Out Saved the Day

I have a small service business and it is all up to me to make it successful. Fortunately, my business is steady throughout the year and not subject to seasons or holidays but lately, business was soft for the last three months and the bills kept coming in.

Yesterday morning I was sitting in my chair, looking over the financial situation with no leads in sight – very disconcerting. I’ve read Manifesting 123 and I do the movie described in the book just about every day. In the future-movie described there, I imagine there aren’t any financial problems, but here I am in my chair waiting for solutions to appear.

Well surely there is something I can do besides just waiting, so I spoke out loud into the room, “OK guys, I know you are there. I’ve been doing those helpful things you point out to me to do for other people, and yes, I’m very grateful for all that I have but now I need to get some steady cash flow coming in. Cash or the equivalent will do just fine but I need action on this today, so thank you. OK? Got it?”

The moment I finished, an idea came to me. There were some old leads going back a few months, so I sent out three email prompts immediately. Then I went into my manifesting routine and back to work, knowing there was nothing else to do.

I was really cramped for time, but I noticed that after a long, fast day all the important things wrapped up just as I had to leave for an event that evening. Things seemed to be going smoothly after a rocky morning.

A call interrupted me as I was preparing to go. It was from someone that was interested in my services from 3 years ago and she wanted a proposal the next morning. It was a very big opportunity and something that I typically see just a couple of times a year. That’s exciting!

Now I am on my way to the event and even though it was rush hour, the 20-mile drive to the event went really smoothly and I arrived just 3 minutes after it began. The event was well attended, more than I expected and a lot of friends were there. I was having fun, casually moving around when I ran into someone that had been a big help to me in the past. We exchanged some ideas and he agreed to my sending him a proposal right away. It is very likely that he will use my services in a big way next year.

It was time to go and just as I was leaving, a stranger came over and said he had heard about me. He and his wife had a new home and they wanted to talk about my doing some work in their new place. Then it hit me that a lot of potential sales had just dropped in my lap since this morning. That made for a very unusual but successful day. It’s very likely that most or all of these will come through and it will not only bridge me for now but get me ahead financially, just like it is in my movie.

Manifesting really works for me and this taught me to put some focus on more than just getting by. Also, it appears that if I put out a call to ‘the guys,’ I am heard. Fabulous.

Thanks everyone!


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