After 7 Years Unemployed, I Got the Job. Then I Manifested More!

After 7 Years Unemployed, I Got the Job. Then I Manifested More!

Anna writes:
My story begins last year. I had been unemployed for 7 years at that point and I needed to make something happen. I am very hirable, 42 years old and have a lot of experience in administration and customer service. I applied to every job available, even housekeeping. I had a lot of interviews over those years but no callbacks.

I came across your book when I was searching the Internet for information about manifesting. I had read several books and blogs on the topic but I felt like the writers were holding something back – that there had to be more.

I purchased your eBook and decided to put it to the test. I did what I learned in the book and created a movie with my future scenes in it. I wrote down that I am in my future and my new job pays me $2000 a month after taxes. It felt a little far-fetched since the economy was down at the time. Most jobs were paying less and I would be happy with $1700 before taxes, but I was going for it. I repeated this intention every day, knowing that my thoughts were building my future, just as the book described.

I continued to make job applications as opportunities appeared and in a short time I got a positive callback that lead to a job with the pay I had been manifesting! My first paycheck was $2006 after taxes. After all those unemployed years, to get a quick result from using the Manifesting 123 information was just amazing!

But here is the thing. I had to work 6 days a week and there was a 1-hour commute. I was very grateful, but I learned a big lesson from this. Be Specific. I have kids, so a 5 day a week job at the right pay would be So Much Better.

So I made a shift and began to manifest a new future movie. I said, “I’m now in my future and in this future I have a job that is within a 30 minute commute. It pays me $2500 -$3000 monthly after taxes, is perfect for me and I am in a nurturing and respectful work environment. I am the winner of my dreams and the Universe is bringing this to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I continued to apply for jobs as I had done before without success. Trying another approach, I posted my resume on an Internet job site and I had 3 employers contact me right away! After evaluating each one, I accepted a full-time offer that started in a few weeks. This new job is a 15-minute commute from my home and it pays $2500 after taxes. I work 5 weekdays, no weekends and in just 6 months I will get an employee review. If that goes well, my pay will increase to $3000.

So yes, the information in your book is amazing.

I found when I add, “I’m the winner of my dreams or add the phrase, “Universe, please bring me…” things seem to manifest quicker for me.

I also have discovered these things as well: that it is a good idea to say a prayer asking for the same things I am working to manifest. Then, clear whatever seems to be in the way of what you are manifesting. Forgive your past mistakes, your inner child, whatever you sense is blocking you.

Forgive yourself and manifest that your dreams are coming true.

Thank you,

Beautifully done, Anna!
 You are an inspiration. That streaking comet photo is you. I am so glad you shared this story with us and your additional insights are much appreciated.

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Let’s light up the sky like Anna does!

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  1. Terry Snow Says: February 21, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Beautiful story.

    Universe please bring me ……

    I love it

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