Dog gone, dog back!

Dog gone, dog back!


Oh Ken!!!  I am so very happy to report that Manifesting 123 has worked for me.

I have been running a movie every day since hearing you speak at the Children of the Light conference in June 2013. However I had to replace that movie with one of urgency when my dainty dog Daisy was taken from our yard 11 days ago.

In my manifesting movie I kept seeing Daisy in Dan’s arms bouncing around and giving him kisses in her excitement to see him again.  Every morning I ran that movie and expressed my thanks for making it happen.

It took only 10 days and that is exactly what happened yesterday. What a blessing! Thank you for this most marvelous tool. I send you love, hugs, and more blessings than you feel your heart can hold. I am forever in your debt.

Ken – You are sooo very welcome. No debt is due, just keep hugging Daisy!

We are keeping Daisy anonymous, but this photo is from the wonderful people at  Hug at Dog Petcare, Coral Gables, Florida

Manifesting is a valuable tool

Yes, we have emergencies and we are good at bringing all our available resources to bear on the problem. Use prayer and ask others to join your heartfelt intention, but don’t forget to add manifesting as well.
Imagine you are in your future as D did. In her manifesting movie she was envisioning the perfect resolution after it happened – happily reunited with Daisy. She was not concerned with how this could possibly happen. In her future it was done.
It is interesting that the people that took Daisy were somehow compelled to bring her back… a proper and happy resolution.
You can apply the Manifesting 123 techniques to many things in your life. How about manifesting your perfect career? I didn’t say JOB, and and it’s so not necessary to specify that you are doing the Daisy with your next boss.
Congratulations in advance to what you create next!

Ken Elliott

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