Manifesting on Two Fronts

Manifesting on Two Fronts


August 2013

So I went off to North Carolina two weeks ago with your book. I had been a little down about my art career.

I hadn’t sold a single painting and wondered if I had wasted a lot of time and money on art school. Maybe I didn’t have any talent. I was actually thinking about canceling my gallery membership. Each night I read your book and applied the strategy you suggested.

I was also frustrated that we haven’t sold some extra property we have had on the market for 4 years. We need to get a place in Denver because my husband is traveling all the time for business and the airport commute from our present home is hours long. I was beginning to panic about being an empty nester stuck by myself in our town far from Denver while my husband traveled weekly leaving me alone and isolated. We found a place in Denver where the guy wants to trade but he hasn’t really been up here to see our property. He just threw out a number that doesn’t work. We are very far apart in price.

While I normally live this philosophy of manifesting, I had forgotten to apply the principles. It was picking up old negative thoughts again.

Well guess what. Right after I finished your book and having reestablished the rituals you suggested, I got a call from the gallery telling me that I had in fact sold 2 of my 4 paintings! This was my first sale! The manager wasn’t planning on opening the gallery at all but felt compelled to do so.

Shortly after, I spoke with my real estate agent who reminded me that we had 3 showings last month which is more than we have had in 4 years. Then a friend of mine emailed me out of the blue and offered to speak to one of the potential buyers in Denver that she will see at a dinner party this weekend.

Your manifesting strategy has become a daily routine for me. I was always a huge fan of the SECRET, but I needed a reminder. Since I was a young child, I have gone to bed each night and said a prayer of thanks and asked for my family to be safe, healthy, happy, prosperous and strong. What I had forgotten was to create my movie. I always spoke about my gratitude but not seven grateful things nor the movie technique in your book. So I started to add my seven items of gratitude each night and then I create my movie. I try to do this each day. I find this more beneficial to me than finding time to meditate. Mediating can be great but this is so much easier.

So I thank you for this book! I have often thought about writing such book myself but I did not know where to start. This philosophy really works and your book is the best one so far! I will continue to suggest it to friends.”


This is not complicated, you make it happen.

 Isn’t this how it goes? When problems arise, we feel the urge to do something quickly. A panic sets in and we will try different methods to effect change as soon as possible. Change can come quickly, but why not manifest what you desire in your life well in advance, everyday?
People are using the really simple techniques in the book to go to the future and create in advance. Also, they are able to deal with worry and fear in a new and positive way.
Stories are coming in and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you have a story, please send me an email and I’ll pass it on, keeping you anonymous if you prefer.
All my very best to you and your dreams,



Ken Elliott

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