I’m Getting a Better Car!

I’m Getting a Better Car!


I’m getting a better car!

I am one of the little-old-ladies-in-tennis-shoes. Sweet, but I am not when it comes to car troubles. My van would have a dead battery every time I tried to start it despite a new 7 year guaranteed battery and a trickle charger.

Toyota said they couldn’t find the problem and there was nothing more I could do but drive it at least 10 minutes every day. I did, and still it would occasionally have to be jump started.

Manifesting 1-2-3 said if I would truly give thanks for my many blessings each day and visualize what I needed that it would manifest. I live in a Boulder, Colorado retirement facility with an underground garage. This weekend the garage was flooded to the top of the entrance ramp. My van and many other cars are totaled.

But here is the good news. My insurance covers “damage other than accident”. I will be able to buy another car!

Note: Marilyn’s car was not in THAT garage, but she is definitely capable of driving one of those rockets!

It is not in the details…

I’m so glad to hear some good news from someone in the flood zone here in Colorado. Marilyn was really working to get a better car and the solution developed in a most unusual way. She is safe and dry, by the way. Her condo was unaffected by the water.

A couple of years ago I got a call from an close friend with a second home on a waterfront for sale. He had been wanting to fix up the kitchen to better attract buyers, but it was going to take more than he really wanted to invest. He phoned with some bad news – while he was away from the home for sale, the hot water heater malfunctioned and flooded a hall and parts of the kitchen.

“Are you insured?” I asked. He was, but he couldn’t believe his bad luck. What a mess had been made!

My friend is an expert at manifesting. Turns out he had been working on manifesting a good sale with this second home. I pointed out that the insurance check from the flood would repair the kitchen damage and cover the improvements he had been wanting. Of course! He was just in the moment, frustrated and focusing on how this would complicate things. What he was manifesting had arrived in a unusual way. We both had a good laugh over his bit of good luck.

The kitchen improvements were made and the house sold shortly after at a reasonable price.

The bottom line? When you are creating your future outcome don’t get bogged down in the details. You’re creating a solution with your thoughts. Windfalls and miracles are not necessary.

I’ll be teaching in all day workshop about manifesting 123 here in Denver the last Sunday of the month. I hope you can attend. At the end of that day you will OWN the ways to bring good things into your life.

In your prayers, please remember those who were less fortunate and came to harm during the recent floods here in Colorado.


Ken Elliott

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