Don’t Forget, You Can Manifest the Equivalent of Money!

Don’t Forget, You Can Manifest the Equivalent of Money!

It is so easy to get knotted up over finances. C. picked up an item from Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and ran with it. Yes, C. has been putting in more effort at work but manifesting brought greater results more efficiently.

C. writes:
I have my own, small product business and like everyone else, bills to pay. People don’t have to buy my products and since I’m producing decorative items, people buy them on a whim, not as a necessity.

For years now, my monthly sales have fluxed between a couple of thousand to over $20,000, with the 20’s in the minority. Those big months are encouraging, but a steady flow of sales would be refreshing.

I read in the book the concept of money and the equivalent of money, found that intriguing, and began to consider how to use that idea to manifest a better financial outcome for myself. First, I started with a number, $20,000 per month. I would be terrific to hit that number each month in sales, but equivalent dollars will do just fine too.

My manifesting list already has a number of items and I added this: “I am in my future, and in my future, I am bringing in $20,000 in deposits or the equivalent in deposits each month.” $10k would get me by and anything over that is a bonus.

The results amazed me! In a few months I received $30,000 in sales. That had never happened before! What has followed for the last 6 months are average sales of $12,000 or better, and steadier than anything in my past.

On the equivalent of money side, I had recently reduced my mortgage by $2000  a month and also began to receive a steady $250 government benefit payment. I clearly see the equivalent of money right there and it feels great to have greatly reduced my financial concerns.

I can’t just sit back and expect things to happen, but I have a lot of incentive to work better, harder and smarter using my manifesting knowledge. I really feel that I got a big boost from manifesting towards this goal and I’m going to stay with it!

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