Favorite Stories From the First Half of 2021

Favorite Stories From the First Half of 2021

Manifesting actually works and your thoughts are constantly creating what you are repetitively thinking. It’s that easy. Get Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and listen to the interviews to learn more. Meanwhile, you can marvel at what readers have been able to do in their beautiful stories.

Can Manifesting Get Me out of Debt?
L. went after her financial problem with simple manifesting techniques and also with the help of her friends. Nicely done!

L. writes:  I have been in a financial hold ever since my fiancé died over 10 years ago. In the time after, I gradually ran up debt on three credit cards and they have been maxed out for some time now….

You Never Know When the Impossible Solution is Already Waiting for You
C. made a big mistake with his reservation, showing up at the wrong airport! A miracle that solved the problem was already in place.

C. writes: I got a call that my grandmother had died and that her funeral would take place in just a few days. She lived in another state and quick flight arrangements would need to be made. After a few calls, I was able to make a reservation with a discount given in these circumstances and it was gratefully accepted….

Wishes Brought to Your Door?
When two people are manifesting identical outcomes it is likely twice as powerful. This may be one of those interesting examples with a special delivery twist! Use the simple tools in the book or listen to my interviews. It’s all there for you and your successful future!

Nancy writes:
Five years ago, I gave a favorite book of mine to an art student. It was a book about angels and I thought it might be interesting or helpful to that person at the time.
Five years later, I had a friend from California visiting and for a week we had been looking for a place to stay in Taos, NM but couldn’t find anything to work for us….

Miracles of a Lifetime, Twice
Just ask, please ask. Manifest, visualize, pray. Miracles do happen! What a remarkable outcome!

N. writes:
25 years ago, I was in a very serious skiing accident. I had considerable injuries, far too many to list here, but a considerable concern was my left leg. It was broken and numerous tendons and ligaments were torn and / or disconnected. My medical team had already done a lot of remarkable work on me to this point and they were out in the hallway discussing what could be done about my left leg. The consensus was to amputate…..

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