For the Asking: Shoes, Peace and Passion

For the Asking: Shoes, Peace and Passion

I pray, I manifest and it’s not the first time one of my stories has been included in this newsletter. So many times the solutions I hope for come from asking and often in ways that I wouldn’t have thought of.

My intention was to regain my passion for things again. I was doing whatever I could to please others but the passion of it was slipping away from me.

I was looking for passion because I felt it was the key to understanding why I was here on this earth, to know my life’s purpose. I did find my passion later, but not in a direct way.

I really felt like I landed on my purpose last December, and how did I get there? I was focused on getting that passion but something else fell into place first.

It was the Christmas season and I was reminded of a piece of history. It was about shoes and the winter of 1777-1778. If you know something about George Washington, then you may know history of the shoes. In that winter in Valley Forge, the American colonists were fighting the British during a very harsh winter and many didn’t have shoes.

Without shoes, so many simple things become more difficult and even impossible. To reach the goal of my passionate life, I needed internal comfort first. I needed Peace like they needed shoes at Valley Forge. The Peace would offer me more protection in a sometimes harsh world.

Passion is a strong force and that was my goal but during the last Christmas season, but then a feeling of Peace came to me quietly.

It was then that I understood that Peace is also a strong force and what I needed first. I had prayed and manifested for passion and they both came to me internally in a beautiful and most unusual way.

I am gratefully moving forward in a new and comfortable way.

NOTE: “As his army marched into Valley Forge on December 19, Washington hoped that his officers and soldiers, with “one heart” and “one mind,” would surmount the troubles that lay ahead of them. The lack of proper clothing was a significant problem. While Washington knew most of his men were fit for duty, he calculated that at least a third of them had no shoes. Many did not have a decent coat to protect against the constant rain that plagued the camp.”  Mount library link

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