Favorite Stories from 2022. Create Your Story Now!

Favorite Stories from 2022. Create Your Story Now!

I always enjoy looking back over last years stories. Each one, a so-called large or small event, is about the results people have from purposely manifesting, asking or praying for a result. Over the years of speaking with people on this topic, it is still very common to hear people say that they ask for other people needs but not for themselves. Your thoughts create change and I have observed it happening in real-time. It’s all in the book. Begin asking and creating intentions for yourself as well. Don’t get in the way of the future happiness that can begin now!

Here are just some of the inspiring stories from 2022. My sincerest thanks to all of you that sent these in.

Miracles of a Lifetime, Twice
25 years ago, I was in a very serious skiing accident. I had considerable injuries, far to many to list here, but a considerable concern was my left leg. It was broken and numerous tendons and ligaments were torn and / or disconnected. My medical team had already done a lot of remarkable work on me to this point and they were out in the hallway discussing what could be done about my left leg. The consensus was to amputate.

From a Denied to a Yes. My Manifesting Worked!
Here are two important things to ask yourself: Am I worthy? Is it OK for me to ask for myself?
I was working on rebuilding my personal credit and to get the process started, I applied for three credit cards and was denied for all of them, a very disappointing outcome. I wanted to buy a surprise gift for my eldest daughter and I would need some credit success!

My Little Dreams Were the Key to My Happiness!
In this story, three events came into play, one being the loss of a full-time job. It all began with those little daydreams and they created a series of opportunities for more happiness. This is a more powerful story than it seems and it shows what you can do!

Don’t Forget, You Can Manifest the Equivalent of Money!
It is so easy to get knotted up over finances. C. picked up an item from Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and ran with it. Yes, C. has been putting in more effort at work but manifesting brought greater results more efficiently.

Fascinatin’ Manifestin’
I keep myself open to manifesting, prayer and faith. I watch my words, keep it positive as much as I can and say yes to many things. You might say that I have “rediscovered” the art of manifestation!

This Was the Big One and Together, We Manifested Our Success!
In this story, a family talked about a new home together, a perfect one. Without getting bogged down in the fearful how or when, they let their thoughts efficiently bring it all together. Don’t forget the gratitude and now it’s your turn!

Ask, Never Mind If You Need a Miracle
There is power in visualizing, prayer and in the spoken word. All have great power and the ability to create powerful outcomes.

The Extraordinary: Manifesting, Prayer and Making Even More
There are two people at the core of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. They are the Out of Body Author William Buhlman and the remarkably gifted individual and author, coach, counselor, speaker and teacher Judy Goodman. Both William and Judy described how they could see our repeated thoughts begin to take form in the non-physical realms and eventually take physical form in our lives. Note that Judy will be offering an online class on this topic for the first time, February 9: From Forgiveness to Extraordinary! Information and sign up here.

With Very Little Effort, Good Things Came to Me!
When we repeat a thought, it is building in the non-physical realm nearby. This is not wishing or hoping, it is how creation works. Big or subtle thoughts only need be repeated to create form or concepts. It’s all in the book and thanks to Leslie, she explains how a repeated, subtle intention created something valuable and tailor-made for her.

An Extraordinary Seed Story: A Remarkable Medical Outcome
D. writes: When we last talked, I told you my doctor found two areas of cancer as tumors. Nnaturally, I had been worrying about it all that time. So during our call, I asked if you would send me some good energy. You said you would and then you told me about a recent conversation you had with Judy Goodman regarding the Extraordinary Seed that we can ask God or Source to send to others or ourselves. You had recently written it up in the Manifesting 1,2,3 newsletter and explained it to me. (Here is the complete Extraordinary Seed how-to information in a previous newsletter.)

A Confirming Gift: My Intentions Are Working
Of course we ask for and manifest many things for ourselves and it is always welcome to experience those successful results. For those larger intentions we send out to others, the effects are harder to see. One of Nancy’s intentions has a global reach and she was gifted with the knowledge that she made a difference with someone in need in another country. Our thoughts create powerfully.

From Mother to Daughter: Just Ask
Here are two stories about the importance of asking from a mom that knows how. Manifesting, prayers, asking… they do make a difference in people’s lives. One is about mom’s missing designer dress and the other is something mysterious about a missing science book.


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