It Works! Your 2022 Manifesting Review

It Works! Your 2022 Manifesting Review

In Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, new and important information is revealed. For those that have never read the book, all that you really need is set out here. You can begin now, and for those that know this information and use it, this is a good time for a quick review to reinforce and improve our techniques for a more successful New Year! This is a long post, but worth it!!

Here is what makes this book so very important. I have been shown how thought makes things. They don’t just happen. Thoughts begin as a vaporous form in the unseen field around you and if you continue to think about them day by day, these thoughts will eventually manifest into your physical world. I have been sending my thoughts as gifts or as play to friends so sensitive they can watch my thoughts materialize in real time, even thousands of miles away!

In this book, thought and its effect on creation is explained at last. Everything man-made in your home, your city, was first a thought. In the unseen field around us it began to look like a vapor at first. Add more thought or intention to the idea and it will steadily solidify into a full color, 3D thing – an object or a concept. When it becomes fully formed, it will come into your physical world. Thought is a natural law, a certainty. You can depend on it and use it as a tool

Your thoughts make what you think and say. That is how virtually everything in your life and in this world was created. If it didn’t grow or happen naturally, someone thought it up first and it grew from a vapor into anything you can imagine, something trivial or 60 stories tall.
That’s pretty fundamental information and it is the basis for all that is made in this world. Think of it, this is an incredible tool and it is more basic than the wheel. The thought came before the wheel.

You are already expert at thinking and making things. Perhaps it brought you to this moment. We are all equally empowered since birth. Think it and it begins to build.

Now, let’s take this tool and put it to work.

Manifesting is not complicated and the book is designed to keep what is simple, simple. Watching a movie is easy, we are really good at it, A+ at watching movies. Most of us would not fare well if we were instructed to meditate or summon up the faith to move mountains, so let’s manifest our desires with ease. Let’s do what we are naturally good at and imagine that we are in a movie of our own making.

Space is short here, so I’ll hit the points efficiently, the book fills in the rest or listen to my audio interviews for free.

The #1 of 1,2,3: Imagine you are in your future.
Your thoughts can make the future (really!) so in every scene of your movie, place yourself in the future were your desire has already happened. Don’t figure out how you got there. If you do, your thoughts will quite literally have to make all that you think and require between your Now and your Future. Be smart and create the future you wish. It’s unbelievable to conceive, but your thoughts can build the future you script.

In this future of yours, use your senses to take in the scene: see the happy family gathering, be at a beach and feel the sand in our toes, smell a campfire. Be in your movie and sense your surroundings. Your thoughts are building what you imagine as you think it.

Going for perfect in your future? Perfect is very hard to imagine, unattainable and beyond reach, or so we think. Wrong. Thoughts will build anything, even what would be perfect for you. In your future movie scene, simply observe the perfection in the scene. Imagine yourself relaxing at the end of a day in your wonderful future. You can be on the couch or a patio. Sense yourself relaxing and say something like, “I just love my life! I’m relaxing comfortably at the end of my day and all is perfect! I’m no longer stressed, finances aren’t a concern and my health is great. I just love my life!” While you are in that happy future, take a deep breath of air and listen to the birds nearby. You can use other senses to increase the power of this happy thought. You don’t have to see or understand how you got there, it would only limit or slow the creation process. It’s very hard to figure out how to make something perfect or see it clearly, but you can observe the perfect that has already occurred. Your thoughts will start to build just that.

Thoughts are literal, only building what you say, think and do. Your thoughts and actions are a series of intentions, the commands to create. Think of it this way. Thought is Very Literal. On your computer keyboard, push the Y key and it makes a Y, hit a Z and a Z appears for you to see. Thought works in a literal way so to make a PERcECT, just visualize it in your future. Wait, I’m on it….working it…. PERFECT!

Put yourself in the movie, sense it and enjoy yourself. Know that your thoughts are following along, building as you think it.

The idea is to repeat the process everyday. It’s as if you are making a stack of papers. Just one paper on the stack each day is enough. You may forget a day, some papers will be crumples, but eventually your stack of paper, your thoughts will build into a solid mass in the non-physical realm and it will move into your physical world. With your thoughts, use repetition, layers of intention to build your desire.

In a conversation with the out-of-body author William Buhlman, he said sometimes he would see the things he was currently manifesting arrayed in various stages of formation on the “other side.” There they were, his wishes, lined up as whisps here and there, barely recognizable somethings over there, some very solid and lightly colored things here, and then the fully-formed, colored objects. He had been manifesting everything displayed there, and depending on his efforts and time, some were more well-formed than others. His thoughts were bringing them into full form and soon they would appear in his physical world. I still remember what he said, “I can see my thoughts forming up over there before they appear in the physical world. I’d be stupid not to work at manifesting these things.”

I would recommend doing your “movie script” with the most important things first. Then, if you mind should wander (we all do), the most important ideas are covered. You can make a list to refer to. Some people make recordings and play them in the car or from their smart phones.

What are the priorities in your life? Everyone has different considerations, so arrange your scenes as you wish. The order is not important, only that you put yourself in the scene and express your gratitude for this wonderful moment In your future.

About that gratitude. Your ability to build things by just thinking them is an incredibly important gift. Gratitude or love will create things, but in addition, why not be polite and thank the Creator or your personification of a creator directly. This gratitude makes your thought even stronger. You are adding the great power of love to it.

Manifesting is not something you have to be good at. Like a snail, you don’t have to be fast and flashy, just steady. Remember, gravity is a natural law and it works the same for everyone. You can pour water out of a glass just as well as the next person. Are all equally capable at creating marvelous things with our thoughts.It’s the #1 of the 1,2,3.

Here’s a little tip about the personal blocks that get in our way to happiness. They can keep you from even beginning to manifest your better life. View it here

Next, Worry is the #2 of Manifesting 123.
Here is a short discussion of the remarkably successful way to deal with those fears.
Worry is a thought and we typically revisit our worries again and again. That repetition quickly begins to build the very thing we don’t want! Further, we are loading this worrisome idea emotionally with one of the two great forces, fear. That’s not the force we want to create with.

It’s simple to make what you don’t want in your life. Just take a thought and emotionally charge it with fear…it will start to take form. We are all expert at manifesting. Have crummy things in your life? They may be one of your many successful creations. Thought is a natural law and it just makes things without judgement. Gravity works the same for everyone, it’s the law. Thoughts do not judge the ‘good’ or ‘bad,” thoughts just create whatever you are thinking and repeating.

Thought is predictable, it just makes things, so let’s use that knowledge to create the changes you desire.

How? Take action on your worries. For instance, you’re very concerned about paying your bills each month, you may worry over and over again about making ends meet and missing a bill payment in an endless cycle. If you think it and repeat it, your thoughts will continue to build it as if you were stacking bricks. You can’t afford to bring this unwelcome thought into reality.

Take action! Devise some things you can do about this lack of money and put them on a to do list or my favorite, as a calendar reminder on your phone. To do means you will DO them when the reminder appears.

Here are some possible action items for that money problem:
Call the boss and make an appointment to ask for a raise.
Call those people that owe you money.
Contact your mentor or cultivate one, someone with experience and good advice
Check the help wanted and job sites for other possibilities
Reconsider that money making idea from ages ago

The idea is to offload that fear onto an action list. We all know what fear feels like under our skin, so transfer that fearful emotion to a list of action / calendar items you will actually do!

Sure, it takes a bit of courage to run the list, but keep in mind that you are also manifesting a future where this money issue doesn’t exist, the Manifesting #1part.

Because you’re manifesting a future without money issues, you have tilted the results in your favor. Continue forward with your action plan. It may be that your boss may be predisposed to give you that raise should you just ask. Keep in mind that people often get the equivalent of money. A reduction in some monthly expense, a holiday at little or no expense, a gift, etc.

You have all kinds of thoughts building on separate tracks: those you desire by design and the ones your worries are building. It’s next to impossible for some of us to stop worrying but we can take action to greatly reduce the fear that empowers them.

So next time you wake up in the middle of the night with a big worry, think of appropriate action items to put on your calendar. Convert that fearful worry to a concern you will soon be dealing with as a list or calendar item, but not at 3am. Every day you use the Manifesting #1 to build that lovely future for yourself, right? That’s all you can do. You are handing the worries in a smart, practical way and each day you go into your future to insure those problems don’t exist. Well done! Be grateful and get some sleep.

By the way, there is money and the equivalent of money. Financial solutions come in surprising ways, so don’t limit your thoughts to strict, monetary solutions.

That’s the #2 of Manifesting 123. You don’t need #3.

And the #3?
We are ALL VERY POWERFUL… nothing else is needed to create the life you can imagine.

Pass it on…. and point yourself to happiness!

Want more? (it’s a fun ride)  Purchase the book or e-book.

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Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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