Taking Care of Business by Manifesting a Big Solution

Taking Care of Business by Manifesting a Big Solution

L. writes:
I have owned a successful picture frame shop for many years.
Now it is becoming more important for me to find an employee that is more like a business associate. Running a business on your own is difficult at times because you have to carry all the responsibilities and make difficult decisions without another opinion.

My business is a narrow-skilled one. Not many people are experienced in framing design, display and picture frame construction, so I keep an eye out for possible talent at all times.

It was late last year when I heard of a very capable woman who was looking for employment, so I arranged to meet her. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an available spot for her at the time.

Earlier this year one of the key members of my team gave notice, presenting immediate problems and also a potential opportunity. I am very familiar with Manifesting 1,2 3 and do the movie exercise recommended in the book every day. In the past I have had very good results, big and small, so without hesitation, I went to work on my perfect solution.

I began to imagine my future with a business associate that is fully capable and experienced in every aspect of my operation. This person is like a business partner, trustworthy, cares as much about the business as I do and is easy to work with. I continued to imagine this scenario every day.

In a very short time one of my supplier reps told me about someone looking for employment, a young woman with considerable experience. I gave her a call and invited her in for an interview.

As it turns out, it was the woman I interviewed last fall. This time I talked with her in depth and was much surprised to learn that she knew every aspect of the business from building frames to working with clients. She had all of the exact skills I wished for and further, she knew how to run the business as an owner would.  She was hired!

My new associate gave me a nice compliment the other day. She said, “It’s so good to work with someone that knows what the heck they are doing,” and I answered back, “From your lips to God’s ears.”

I am relieved to have found this person so quickly and efficiently. By using Manifesting 1,2,3, I quickly solved my problems at hand and found just the person I was looking for.

Thank you for the tools to make it happen. Manifesting works!


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