How in the World Did I Get Here?  By Asking!

How in the World Did I Get Here? By Asking!

Asking + Manifesting + Multiple Choice = an interesting story. Thank you, Lee for sharing your adventure.

Lee writes:
I live in Singapore and for a number of months now I’ve been thinking about taking a spiritual journey to India. I didn’t have a clear idea in mind, only that I wanted to go there for that reason.

Well that went on the back burner when I had to start looking for my next freelance job! I’m all about manifesting so I went right to work on creating my next opportunity. Fortunately, I have a lot of contacts and great reviews so it’s just a matter of time, right? Like anyone else, I always have those nagging concerns between jobs though.

… and India kept coming to mind. What is that about?

I use manifesting and prayers to make things happen, so here was my prayer,
 “If you want me to work at my profession, bring it to me with an ease and a grace. Should you want me to start coaching and healing classes, bring the perfect plan to me fast.  If you want me to go to India, please do the same with an ease and a grace, perfect, and quickly.”

Two weeks later, the job search wasn’t going well despite my good efforts. Then I remembered something when I woke up. There was a company that was interested in me. It was a year ago, but I found the paperwork quickly, formulated a contact letter and emailed them immediately at 11 am.

In just two hours I got a favorable reply. We met two days later and I had a job offer the next day. That’s fast! I took the offer but I really wanted a better package. I let the feelings of doubt go and decided to do my usual good job and a good raise would follow quickly.

I was informed that my first task was to meet a client in two weeks. The location? India!

This story isn’t finished yet. In a very short time, my company was impressed with my professionalism. They also realized this upcoming client meeting carried a large, global responsibility, so they put me on as full-time staff with an immediate raise and more benefits. That’s a Yay!!!!

I’m writing you from India now. What a whirlwind, but a very good one.  The funny thing was, I wanted to go India for my own spiritual development, not for work.

I’m still learning about asking and manifesting. I’ll be clearer next time, still I am grateful! Maybe India has more to offer…

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