Need it Just in Time? Pray for it or Manifest it Now!

Need it Just in Time? Pray for it or Manifest it Now!

Does manifesting work? Absolutely!
Does prayer work? Yes!
Is is always on time or in the form we expect? Not really.

But sometimes manifesting or prayers come in right on time and exactly as we desire it. Here are a couple of great examples where two women went straight to prayer to solve a problem that needed a really quick resolution.

Lynn writes:

Have you ever needed that bill taken care of and had no idea where the money would come from? I was in that tough position recently. I had to come up with $500 in one day. Sure, I could borrow it but I wanted to take care of it myself and not kick the can down the road.

What do you do? I know about Manifesting 123 and I’m a big fan but I wasn’t sure if it would be fast acting, like NOW. There is always prayer, so I put it out there and prayed for the $500.

Two hours later a bundle of mail came with an envelope from the IRS. Oh boy, you never know when you see that letter if it will be good or bad news. I didn’t know what to expect but that envelope had to be opened.

Inside was a check for $500! I was flabbergasted. It wasn’t a tax refund because it wasn’t that time of year. Turns out, there was some confusion on an older return in my favor for the amount of a few thousand dollars. For whatever the reason, they told me they would be months away from settling and sending that big check but they indicated that this $500.check was toward that larger payment. It made no sense at all to just send the $500 first, detaching it from the larger amount, but that answered my prayer on time and to the penny. Thank you so very much!!

…and here is another story from Mary:

I love my family but unfortunately, they are not close by. I really felt the pull to visit my granddaughter but it was going to require airfare and of course some spending money while I was there. Conservatively, the trip was going to require $1000 and it just wasn’t in the cards. I’m an artist and writer with an income stream that is easy to predict. My books showed that I didn’t have any money coming in from sales, so this $1000 would apparently take a miracle.

I have never been bashful about launching prayers to get answers and solutions, so my prayer was to quickly get $1000 and with that request done, I went back to what I was doing.

Things are pretty busy with me and I don’t get on the computer that often to check email or catch up with my social media sites. It was two days later before I had a moment to check my email.

As I reviewed my incoming emails, something jumped out at me. Someone had made a purchase and I been sent an electronic payment for $1000. I couldn’t be happier! It was Exactly What I Asked For and the timing worked just fine. After the imaginary balloons and confetti dropped, it occurred to me that the payment could have happened in the same, or one day after my prayer request.

Regardless, it was a marvelous gift and precisely what I requested. Sure it’s miraculous, but after you see as many successful results as I have, what do you call it then?

I like what Ken says in the book, “Do you know the difference between a big miracle and a little one? Nothing.”

I am a very grateful Mary!

Let’s not be afraid or unworthy to ask.
By prayer or manifesting, it is in the asking and doing. Could it be any simpler?

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