How to Deal with Fear and About the Idea of Surrender

How to Deal with Fear and About the Idea of Surrender

The #2 of Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and you don’t need #3 is about fear and it’s something we all have to face. Consider this newsletter a quick and Very Important tutorial on dealing with fear. Fear has been addressed here before and the links below point to previous articles with the simple tools for dealing with those worries and fears. After those links, something new is offered: supportive ideas and information from an unusual and loving source.

This book is all about how your thoughts create whatever you are repetitively thinking and describes how it takes place. We all possess this ability, to create with our thoughts – we were born with it.  Here’s a bonus: if you add one of the great powers in the universe to your thought, Love or Fear, it will create the thought more efficiently. That goes for the pleasant thoughts we work to manifest and the negative ones we obsessively worry about.

Your thoughts will make so-called good or bad things without judgment. That’s why is it so important to get all the information you need for understanding and directing your thoughts toward the outcomes you desire.

Become an expert in handing worry and fear with these articles:

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With the information in those articles you now understand what your thoughts can do. Now you have the tools you need to “act on those worries” to your benefit. Great, and then you put it into practice every day. You have done all you can do, so then what happens?

In a conversation with Nancy Rynes sometime back, she relayed a profound message from the female spirit Nancy met on the ‘other side.’ Nancy was involved in a serious accident and was clinically dead for what was apparently a few minutes. What resulted was a near-death experience where Nancy was on the ‘other side’ for the equivalent of 2-3 months. While there, she was taught by a silvery, female spirit  of great wisdom and her experiences resulted in a wonderful book,  Awakenings from the Light.

When Nancy and I were talking, she expressed her concerns about finances and I admitted the same. We both have a good, working knowledge of manifesting and we also write and teach it. So why isn’t it constantly producing everything we think of on demand? We both had some pretty big concerns going. OK, we worried at times and stopping the worry cycle is difficult. What else could we do? Nancy got the answer when she encountered the female spirit again in a dream.

Nancy told me the spirit said this about her worries,
“Surrender. We’ve got this.”

I immediately understood that this was significant, so I grabbed a pen and wrote it on a sticky note. Could I just surrender? Not really, and it trips up almost everyone I know, but to those of us manifesting every day, consider this.

  • You understand how your thoughts are creating what you think.
  • In your manifesting and your prayers, you are creating only the positives.
  • Gratitude is something you have learned to use daily to your advantage.
  • You manage your worries by converting them to action items.

That being done, what else is there to do?

I would offer this:
Go back to work. Then do something enjoyable. Rest. Manifest and Pray.

You have done all you can do at this point. You have touched everything you have the power to change and now where do you find yourself? Waiting.

It just may be that you are in what I would call Divine Timing.  At this point we just have to step through each day and continue with our good routines. We are manifesting a good outcome but the WHEN is beyond OUR CONTROL.

Besides worry, and that’s the worst thing to do, what other options are there?

“Surrender. We’ve got this.”

You are now in the best place you can be with a team of Divine players looking out for your best interests. They clearly know what you seek and it is being efficiently worked on. It’s just that the timing is beyond our knowing and control.

This thinking can be called faith or trust.  It works for some but it is a wobbly stool for many of us to sit with. I like the idea that we do our reasonable part each day and await the results of what we manifest, and many do in a timely way. For those items that still haven’t appeared, just leave it to your very capable team.

I like those confident words, “We’ve got this.”

Later, it’s OK to turn off the lights and get a good nights sleep.

P.S. Here is a video of Nancy with her story of the accident and some of what she learned.


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