Dealing with Worry

Dealing with Worry

My dear friend and author, Nancy Rynes asked me to write this guest article for her blog. We both get a number of emails on this topic and we are not immune to worrying ourselves. We both felt the need to offer some help with this.

Nancy had an incredible near death experence, spent the equivalent of weeks on ‘the other side’ and had a book dictated to her, Awakenings from the Light

I highly recommend your visiting her website, and signing up for her weekly insights. Here is a video of Nancy with her story of the accident and what she learned when she left her body and traveled to ‘the other side.’ In her 12 chapters there is much wisdom passed on and one of those chapters is about how powerfully we create things.

From Nancy:
“I hope you enjoy this simple method to deal with worries. Remember in Awakenings from the Light, I wrote extensively about the power of choice we all have in our everyday lives? Ken’s article discusses one way we can empower ourselves to make strong, positive choices. This method is especially helpful with things in your life that you have some control over, such as your job, your relationships, or your health.”

Ken writes:
Manifesting is a relatively simple notion. Your thoughts can build things in your life – anything from objects to concepts. When you want to manifest more efficiently and powerfully, you offer gratefulness for each of your future visualizations. You are offering gratitude to the God of your understanding and empowering your intention with love.

Worrying comes easy to us as well. Worries are also thoughts and those thoughts can bring in the things that you don’t want in your life. Your worries are charged by the other great force in the universe: fear.

Dealing with worry is very hard for us.

Much has been written about how to deal with worry. For the most part, the suggestions point to somehow reducing the worry in your mind. Come on, can’t you just forget about it? It’s really not that easy.

I have a large circle of friends and we were very successfully manifesting a great many things before my book was published. Then some of us, myself included, came right up against some very big worries. Like everything else in the book, the answer was given to me, in this case at a time of real stress. This is what I learned and it is our gift.

When you have a worry, you can feel the fear under your skin. If you can feel it, then you are building that thought and giving energy to it. We can’t afford to make these worries come true.

The solution is elegant and empowering. We need to offload this fear quickly, so convert that fear to a calendar item. As an example, imagine you’re worrying in the middle of the night about paying your bills. Even though it’s 3 AM, there is something you can do about that worry. Grab a piece of paper or your smart phone and jot a note or make a calendar entry.

You’re going to take action on this worry and make calendar entries that go something like this: 
* 9 AM — I’m going to call some people who owe me money.
* 10 AM — When my calendar pings at 10 AM I’m going to get up my courage and call my boss to make an appointment. I’m going to talk to him about how I can be of more benefit to the company and receive a justifiable raise.
* 12 PM — Over lunch I’m going to consider other jobs or careers. I’m going to focus on some business mentors I’ve had in the past, and think about who could best help me in my career now. I’ll seek out their good advice and possible networking opportunities.

You get the idea. Take that worry and mark it on the calendar for action at an appropriate time, sometime other than the middle the night. Then, when the time you set aside to handle your worry comes along, take the action you noted in your calendar.

The point is that you are taking action to do all you can. You are dealing with your life as it is, taking action on your concerns (I didn’t say worry) and on top of all that, you are going to your future in gratitude to create your perfect outcomes. It’s all you can do and more. Well, there is the bonus in my book. It’s all about more gratitude.

Congratulations, you’ve taken action on this worry. You’re going to call the boss, or make that appointment with the doctor for that achy elbow. You’re not going to sit around and worry. You’ve offloaded this fear onto your calendar and you have greatly diminished your worry. In the case of many, their worries are downgraded to “concerns.” They don’t feel that fear crawling around inside them and therefore they’re not attracting a bad outcome.

Most of those calendar items are fairly simple but occasionally it takes a little creativity to tackle them.

So if you need that new car, go ahead and manifest to have a new one in your wonderful future. As for now, take action and start researching the cars you desire. Put it on your calendar to look online or visit dealerships. Don’t just sit in worry, fearing your current car will break down and jeopardize your income.

What is really happening is that you are working in the real world to manifest or create a solution. Your fear is reduced and now you’re not at cross-purposes with what you are also intending for your future.

Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll get a phone call with a problem. I’ll hang up the phone and look at it smiling and then I’ll say, “Tomorrow, you don’t exist!” Then I’ll note it on my calendar for action. I won’t worry myself sick until then.

This is the number 2 in Manifesting 1,2,3. These are the keys to the kingdom and they are your birthright.

It’s my honor to give you a gentle reminder. 

There are over 200 stories on the Manifesting 123 website. Other readers are writing in with their very encouraging success stories, all searchable by keywords. Get the book, learn what they are doing, then get going! Once you know how manifesting actually works, it’s not likely you will let it go!

Go to the Interviews page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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