Important: Dealing With Worries / Making Them Work For You

Important: Dealing With Worries / Making Them Work For You

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Your worries hold you back as well and it is important for to know what your worries really do. Books and advice abound on dealing with worry and I encourage to to use any method that works for you.

Most of the advice dealing with worry is to just stop thinking about it, leave it alone. You are advised to somehow get that worry out of your mind or to think of something else. It works for some people, but not for most. People have invested a lot of time and money trying to learn to manifest good things and keep their worries in check.

In Manifesting 123 it’s all so very simple. This supporting newsletter abounds with stories of how to easily manifest what you desire. Manifesting 123 is profoundly important because it explains how your thoughts actually come into form in the unseen field around you. Your thoughts will literally build what you desire. I have friends that are gifted enough to observe thought building in real time, starting as what looks like smoke. Your thoughts can build anything. This is the new and spectacular discovery that is at the core of this book. No more waiting and hoping, you actually build what you think.

All that you think immediately begins to build in the field around you, really! Don’t be concerned about the hundreds of random thoughts that pass through your mind each day, they aren’t around long enough to to have an effect. It’s those repetitive thoughts that make things happen. Manifesting #1 is about using your thoughts and gratefulness in a repetitive way to create your perfect future.

Worry is the #2 of Manifesting 123. Here is a short discussion of the remarkably successful way to deal with those fears.

Worry is a thought and we typically revisit our worries again and again. That repetition quickly begins to build the very thing we don’t want! Further, we are loading this worrisome idea emotionally with one of the two great forces, fear.

Want to make something good for yourself? Imagine it happening and then express your gratitude to the God of your understanding. Your thoughts coupled with gratitude build more quickly and powerfully. Gratitude is love, the other great power and the opposite of fear.

It’s simple to make what you don’t want in your life. Just take a thought and emotionally load it with fear. We are all expert at manifesting. Have crummy things in your life? They may be one of your many successful creations. Thought is a natural law and it just makes things without judgement. Gravity works the same for everyone, it’s the law.

Thought is predictable, it just makes things. Let’s use that knowledge to create some change.

How? Take action on your worries. For instance, you’re very concerned about paying your bills each month. You worry over and over again about making ends meet and missing a bill payment in an endless cycle. If you think it and repeat it, your thoughts will continue to build it as if you were stacking bricks. You can’t afford to bring this unwelcome thought into reality.

Take action. Devise some things you can do about this lack of money and put them on a to do list or my favorite, as a calendar reminder on your phone. To do means you will DO them when the reminder appears.

Here are some possible action items for that money problem:
Call the boss and make an appointment to ask for a raise.
Call those people that owe you money.
Contact your mentor or cultivate one, someone with experience and good advice
Check the help wanted and job sites for other possibilities
Reconsider that money making idea from ages ago

The idea is to offload that fear onto an action list. We all know what fear feels like under our skin, so transfer that fearful emotion to a list of action / calendar items you will actually do!

Sure, it takes a bit of courage to run the list, but keep in mind that you are also manifesting a future where this money issue doesn’t exist, the Manifesting #1.

Because you’re manifesting a future without money issues, you have tilted the results in your favor. Your boss may be predisposed to give you that raise should you just ask. Keep in mind that people often get the equivalent of money. A reduction in some monthly expense, a holiday at little or no expense, a gift, etc.

You have all kinds of thoughts building on separate tracks: those you desire by design and the ones your worries are building. It’s next to impossible for some of us to stop worrying but we can take action to greatly reduce the fear that empowers them.

So next time you wake up in the middle of the night with a big worry, think of appropriate action items to put on your calendar. Convert that fearful worry to a concern you will soon be dealing with as a list or calendar item, but not at 3am. Every day you use the Manifesting #1 to build that lovely future for yourself, right? That’s all you can do. You are handing the worries in a smart, practical way and each day you go into your future to insure those problems don’t exist. Well done! Be grateful and get some sleep.

That’s the Manifesting 123. You don’t need #3.

Pass it on….
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