How to Improve What You Have? Manifest an Upgrade!

How to Improve What You Have? Manifest an Upgrade!

A lot of effort goes into running a business and it’s not always easy to think of how to make things go better or to be more successful. However, there is always one tool to start with that is simple and time-efficient to use, Manifesting 1,2,3. Here’s a great example. 

C. writes:
I have a small fabricating business that is profitable enough but I realized if there were more customers wanting custom designs, it would be easy to fit them into the daily production and create more income. These custom designs would be entirely new business with customers bringing me their designs. It would be like a bonus, something outside of what is being typically made here. Now if I could just figure out a way to make it happen. My manifesting along with good business practices has created a noticeable upswing in business and profits in the last few years. Can manifesting bring me that extra business as commissioned work?

I have been manifesting for a number of years now and some of those results have made this newsletter. In the past, if there was a problem that needed solving, one of my first moves would be to imagine that I am in my future and that the particular problem has been resolved in a good way. I did get positive results, so why not try it in this instance?

With nothing else to go on, I added this to my daily manifesting routine, “I am in my future and in my future, I have a very profitable commission going for a very high price and it comes to completion effortlessly and successfully. The commission thrills the buyers and they order more.” That was it and I stuck to it every day. I didn’t visualize what the commission was, I simply imagined that I was in the future, sitting comfortably in my shop and I was aware that along with the usual production, there was a nice commission in progress.

It took some time, but then that first commission came in. It went great and close in behind that was another one and perhaps another one pending! I got to thinking that I needed to change what I was manifesting to, “I always have a very profitable commissions going for a very high prices and they all come to completion effortlessly and successfully. The commissions thrill the buyers and they order more.”

It was a great plan and for most of the first two years, there was always a commission in progress. I went from zero to almost constant commissions in about two years. Then things went a step further and now, for the first time, there are now three commissions going and one of them is the second largest construction so far! This whole thing just happened without any advertising or customer outreach of any kind.

Just go for it! 

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