So Much Has Changed! / Gifting to the World

So Much Has Changed! / Gifting to the World

This is a story published years ago that is important, not because it is a BIG story, but because it is a common one. Individuals that read the book and follow though with the simple manifesting steps get results again and again. Imagine that you are in your future now. What would you like to see? What would you wish to create for yourself?

In an earlier newsletter, I passed on new about the information about the Extraordinary Seed from Judy Goodman. She is central to Manifesting 1,2,3 because she can see the different energies we create and how  they effect every aspect or our lives. Judy told us that we can ask for the Extraordinary Seed to be given to ourselves, to others and even entire countries. This is powerful information and you might want to consider coming to aid for our world at this time and specifically the events in Ukraine. Here are the Extraordinary Seed instructions, a remarkable tool for all.

Jane writes:
It is AMAZING how this works. I’m on Day 7, and I cannot believe how many things have just manifested. The important part is the “AND I AM SO GRATEFUL!” It all began when I was finally got the book, then I began to formulate my “movies.”

In one of my movies, I visualized my physical body as being healthy and strong. I wasn’t imagining my 50 year old body as “buff” or “ripped” and I didn’t have “buns of steel.” In my movie I was just standing straight and tall, smiling, healthy, strong, and fit. Standing next to me was my life partner feeling exactly the same. The image was so powerful, and I was SO grateful. I created a flash flood of gratitude for that vision of my future!

That night I happened to mention to my partner that I wanted to be strong and fit again. In the past when I talked about getting healthy, he came up with a laundry list of excuses not to. I would get discouraged and agree with him, so we never took any action other than finding reasons not to.

The next time I asked it was different. He agreed with me that he would like to be more fit too, but instead of just making excuses, he suggested that we go for a walk. Our previous walks consisted of a short stroll to the end of our short street and back again. It hardly counted as exercise.

As before, we walked to the end of the street, but now we agreed that it was a fine night and we should walk a little further. We picked up our pace and walked almost a mile.

Since then, we’ve headed outside every chance we get, usually every other day. We are exercising together for the first time in YEARS. No arguments, excuses, guilt, effort, plan, equipment, pep talks, struggle, pain, and no gym memberships! The next thing I knew, we just started getting healthier. It is nearly unbelievable how quickly and effortlessly this came about.

Another thing I visualized was me creating new “giftable art” products for the holidays that were fast, fun, and easy to make. On my way home from work I stopped at the corner thrift shop and found 20 small journals that I paid only $6 for. I quickly figured out how to transform those 30 cent journals into $15 journals in two easy steps. They sold IMMEDIATELY. I made $294 for about an hour’s work!

After using the techniques in Manifesting 1,2,3, I’ve seen lots of big and little changes, but the biggest change is in my attitude.Whenever I find myself running my old “poor me” scenarios, I switch over to a manifesting movie instead. It improves my outlook and confidence immediately. In small but significant ways, I am manifesting a healthier mindset, body, relationship, and bank account!

Manifesting 1,2,3 has worked like nothing else I’ve tried before. My “movies” and my life are getting better and better.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for bringing Manifesting 1,2,3 into being.

What the heck??
Jane just grabbed the book an jumped right in. She was using Manifesting #1 to visualize being in her future and she was grateful for what she was experiencing. It was just that simple. She imagined that in her future she was experiencing health for the two of them and successfully selling her new creations. It this instance, everything fell into place quickly. Her partner was swept into the movie as well. I suspect that his inclination to be healthier was simply tipped over to the positive, but what a difference.

An important side effect is how Jane’s attitude changed. What a priceless result. Jane is creating more than just art. She has materialized a new life with a cherry on top. Amazing! You might want to give it a try yourself…what the heck?


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