I Got a Glimpse That Manifesting Works, Then I Nailed It!

I Got a Glimpse That Manifesting Works, Then I Nailed It!

Alicia writes:
Shortly after my husband died, I took out a personal loan with my bank to pay for some badly needed repairs on the house. The amount of the loan was $15,000.

About that time I saw the movie The Secret, which was a totally new concept to me. Later a webinar on a similar topic came to my attention and I listened to several talks. One in particular caught my attention. The speaker was a woman who had written a book on how to manifest money really quickly. I decided to give her method a try so I could pay off my loan.

I did the writing exercises as directed, specifying how much money I wanted and exactly what I would use it for. I practiced it daily for some time and then kind of forgot about it when nothing seemed to happen.

I continued paying off my loan with monthly payments, as much as I could afford each month. Then I noticed something funny about my loan statement when I looked at it online.

There were 2 payments totaling almost exactly $15,000 that I could not account for. I certainly didn’t make those payments. How could that happen? The bank could not track down the source of the $15,000. She sent me to another branch office where I had taken out the loan and I talked to the banker who originally had processed the loan for me. She could not explain the 2 mysterious payments either. So she called a third banker at the national headquarters in their loan department and got no explanation. So three bankers could not find the source of the $15,000 and they all said they had never seen anything like it before.

The last banker said if they could not trace the payments, the money would be mine within a specified amount time (which I don’t recall now). Well, they must have found the error, because the money disappeared from my loan account. Ouch!

I continued to make payments and about that time, I came across Manifesting 123. I began to think that maybe I had been too detailed and worrisome, so instead of visualizing the amount of $15,000, I began instead to imagine how I would feel when the loan was paid off, since that was what I really wanted. I was comforted by the fact that $15,000 did magically appear earlier so it diminished my worry and fear.

I began to use the really easy techniques in Manifesting 123, particularly the #2 regarding worry and fear. There was another helpful thing I picked up in the book, I asked that all these things in my future come with an Ease and a Grace. It was a great comfort and helped to lessen the ‘unknowns.’

Within a few weeks I received a call from a neighbor who wanted to know if I would like to sell my husband’s truck. Long story short, I did sell the truck and the amount we agreed on was $15,000!

Everything worked out perfectly. It seems that one way or another, when I manifested what I desired it happened – twice! I love the idea of using less detail unless it is absolutely necessary and being in the future with my successful result. Oh yes, I didn’t forget my gratitude every day!

Manifesting 123 really works!

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