I see Myself Getting More Orders

I see Myself Getting More Orders


August 2013

Helga lives in Sweden. Of the first 10 Manifesting 123 books ordered, three came from overseas. She purchased the second one.

She was an assistant animator and worked for Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney as well as many small studios in London. Here’s her story: “Funny, in the movie, I see myself getting more orders for my beautiful dinner settings for children and last week, I got two orders from new shops in Iceland. 🙂 Small orders but hey, new orders!” Yesterday she told me about her success with a portrait commission. The client paid her generously and a bit surprisingly, just as she had hoped.

View Helga’s wonderfully designed children’s line


Manifest? Absolutely!
But what about Worry & Fear?

There are two great forces that surround us: Love and Fear. Choose choose the power you want working for you. You know when you’re in fear because you can feel it under your skin. We are manifesting all the time and our thoughts are creating things.

The law of manifesting doesn’t judge, it just creates regardless. Don’t be concerned about the things that come and go in your mind throughout the day. It is those items you focus on again and again that create.

This book is revolutionary because it illustrates how your thoughts create anything. This is not a hopeful exercise – your thoughts are really building something and the stories in the book illustrate that clearly.

Further, you learn how to deal with your worry. A thought that is loaded with worry or fear also creates and the fearful thought is in opposition to the happy, grateful things you’re working to bring into your life.

This is easy and you are a smartie!

Ken Elliott

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