Got Tickets?

Got Tickets?

July 2013

I am planning a wonderful 70th birthday celebration for my husband.

We invited his children and grandchildren to Las Vegas for the Labor Day weekend. What to do, what to do…. Ages 19 years to 70 years

Decided to go to the Cirque du Soleil – “O” performance at the Bellagio. Ticket prices were mucho $$$ per person.

I checked the account wondering how could I pull this off but of course I have lots of manifesting “HELP” and I called the booking agency. I asked for 10 tickets and 1 extra for one person who had not confirmed. “Oh no,” the agent said,” I only have 9 tickets left for the Insider Access Backstage tour and show tickets.” (You can’t fool the “HELP” they know exactly how many tickets you need.)

I thought, “Are you kidding…WOW am I glad I called today. I’ll take the remaining 9 tickets.” By now you have figured out that I had exactly 9 people in our party. Wow…that was a spendy purchase $$$$. 9 tickets but I know that my husband is going to treasure this forever!

After booking the tickets and being quite satisfied with the big surprise… I went to the kitchen for a snack. It was there that my husband immediately announced that he had just finished a phone call about one of his investments. We would receive a check for you guessed it $$$$….and a little more for spending money for the special weekend. Thank you Angels, Thank you Universe!

P. – Salt Lake, UT

Ken Elliott

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