Important: Are You are Getting in Your Way?

Important: Are You are Getting in Your Way?

Are you among the many people that feel you are not manifesting properly? For whatever reason, you just can’t move forward with the idea of making things better for yourself?

Here is something that will put you at ease. You are already expert at using your thoughts to manifest anything. You have been doing this since you were a kid. Whether you knew it or not, your thoughts have been constantly at work, building whatever your mind repetitively thinks about.

Manifesting 123 is not about special techniques that require special training and time. This is the fundamental, go-to manual for understanding how your thoughts create and making it work for you in the simplest way possible.

You have already used your thoughts to create a vast number of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things. Congratulations! You are really good at making things happen. Your thoughts can create anything and they create all the time.

Now that you know what your thoughts can do, why not point yourself to happiness?

For some, the thought of moving to a happier place is fraught with obstacles.

“I’m not worthy”
Remember those kind words from others? You are your harshest critic. Ignore that unhelpful critic in your head and embrace the deserving compliments that were so freely given to you. Unless you get up in the morning to create harm and pain to others, then you are SO worthy. Give yourself some credit and embrace more good in your life beginning now.

“I’m not good at visualizing stuff.”

It’s not a matter of how good you are at this. Manifesting is a function of repeating your desired thought day after day. Since your thoughts literally begin to build in the unseen field around you, all you have to do is repeat that thought every day. It’s a little like stacking bricks. Soon you will have built something substantial with all the bricks you add each day. Eventually, your thoughts will have such presence ‘over there’ that your creation will come into your physical world. You will make it happen through sheer repetition. Manifesting 123 explains how your thoughts actually work to build the things in your life. No more wishing and hoping. Build what you desire.

“I don’t have the belief or faith in the process.”
Take a breath. How did you learn how to breathe? Can you see the air you are supposed to bring into your lungs to stay alive? Of course not. It’s the same with thought. Your thoughts constantly create regardless of your beliefs or if you can seen them take form. You are already expert at manifesting, so direct your thoughts toward the outcomes you choose. You success is not a function of your beliefs.

Your ability to create with thought is your great gift and it is allowed. Everyone has the same ability and you don’t need special training or abilities. You are already a pro at manifesting. Move forward and create the life of your choosing. Here’s how.

This newsletter is designed just for you. Browse the many stories from readers here. Many had uncertainties just like you but they had nothing to loose and it was free to try. Their successes, large and small are simply amazing because they used only their thoughts and a little time each day to create the outcome they imagined. They also learned that coupling their thoughts with a gratefulness to the God of their understanding is very powerful. The mind and a grateful heart create wonders together.

Give yourself a break. Put Manifesting 123 to the test with just one or two small goals. It’s all in this website for free. Listen to the radio interviews, check out the stories archived here. Sure, there is more in the book, but everything you need is here, freely given. It wouldn’t be nice of me to keep your valuable birthright a secret. It’s one of the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Own it.

Join the thousands that have created more happiness for themselves just by thinking it. I know it sounds too good to be true, but the proof is in the results from readers everywhere. Your own experience is waiting for you.

In the next newsletter I’ll discuss how to deal with those fearful thoughts and keep them out of your life. No need to create any more bad news!

What are you making today?
Hear all of the Manifesting 123 techniques for free here: Media page. Scroll down to the radio interviews. These are not teasers – you will hear all you need for manifesting wonderful things in your life, the importance of gratitude and at last, how to really deal with worry and fear.
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