Your Popular Manifesting Stories from 2020

Your Popular Manifesting Stories from 2020

It is always a pleasure to go through all of the stories from the previous year and select some of the favorites. Hope, wisdom and love abounds here.

Here We Are… Offering a Bigger Picture
Today we are in an unusual and global event and even though the sun is shining bright and all seems to be just fine, we are now in a very different time.
This is a global pandemic, not something in a far-away country we can ignore. It is here, where we are now.

Let’s pull back and imagine this larger picture. Imagine you have the gift to see the Earth from space in a new way. You can clearly see the two great energies of Love and Fear as they cover the planet.  We will be faced with a number of problems and choices in the months to come and perhaps it will be helpful to take the big view again. What to do?  More of this story.

Manifesting My Golden Path
M. shows the way to manifest simply, with her heart and against the odds, the was cared for as she moved from one employment to another.
These are times of great opportunity and manifesting your future is the go-to tool for creating favorable outcomes regardless despite the dark clouds overhead. The rest of the story.

Grateful? Pay it Forward
A few years ago, I met a young woman that had just gone through a terrible divorce. Her husband had become a meth addict, stole her money and she had to start all over financially. The young woman explained that she was trying to find a new job and she made the statement, “They may not like me there.” I spoke up and told her that she could have more control over this outcome if she started saying seven grateful things every day. More of this story.

I Manifested Something Richer Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed to Ask For
Back in 2012 I started to think about traveling around in a RV. I liked the idea of the freedom it would bring as well as the unplanned experiences that would come with it. The thought stayed with me and it became a part of me. I was also thinking of having a loving partner and I consciously began to visualize him as well. I was learning the qualities I wanted in him and I knew it was very important for me to be aware of who and how I am and meet this partner as an equal, each on a high level. Then what happened?

Against All Odds, Manifesting a Home for Her Family
I would like to share my manifestation testimonial with you and let you know that simply based off of the website testimonials, I was able to manifest a home for our family! I don’t even have your book yet, but just using some of the steps I’ve seen others on the website use, I was able to manifest it! Please feel free to publish this testimonial on the page to give some hope and encouragement to those wanting to try manifesting something that seems well beyond their reach. Thank you so much again for all that you do for this world!!! How did she do it?

Manifest Success, Then Order Dinner
I have an amazing story to share. I was off for a week and a half sick with flu and asthma.
Unfortunately for me, it comes down to “no work, no pay” and I have no other source of income. So that means I’m going to be short for my rent and auto insurance payment coming up next month. I decided I needed $2700 to cover my bills so I wrote it out on paper. I’m right handed but I write with my left hand for fun sometimes. It also takes more of an effort to write that way and I feel it makes my intention more powerful. See what happens next!

I Keep a Reminder of Success Goals in My Pocket
I like how S. always has a reminder of his financial goals close by!

I used to keep at $20 bill in my pocket so I could say that I always have money. Lately, I’ve changed it to a $100. bill, and now I say that I don’t worry about money anymore. That’s big progress. Years ago, I began saying that I have money and desired more. Ken and I talked about it often. Right away I starting finding money on the ground in public places and that was always a thrill.  Things did get better – find out how!

A Micro Tale of Two Sisters
Charlie sent me this short story of two worldly sisters.
They have essentially the same history, having lived in Paris, Southern California, and N.Y. City. One of the sisters, S., is more conservative and by comparison, the second sister, W., looks more loosey-goosey, as some have said. The second sister keeps a vision board going and is consciously manifesting things in her life. When S. came to visit her sister’s house, she noticed something new, pictures of items on a vision board that W. had made. Among the items on the board was a microwave. And then what?


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