Making Gifts for Two. For Three!

Making Gifts for Two. For Three!

From Natalie:
I just had to share this!

First, I have recently been visualizing my manifesting as if it is a 3-D printer, where the things I imagine are manufactured and come out of it when I think of them. Also, I have a vision board that I call my reality room. For me, this is an improved way of seeing my thoughts as being  physical.

A friend of mine had been in a toxic relationship for 20 years and just divorced. She was very concerned about her future. I know that people have to make their own decisions but I thought that perhaps I could help, so I offered to help her manifest good things in her life. I told her if she began to manifest in a positive way, then those good things would happen. She was on the phone with me at the time and was very doubtful. I offered that her words make things happen and that if you will it to move, then it will move. She said OK so we got started, first beginning with the idea that her thoughts and words create things, just like the information in the book.

Together we made a vision board with a number of positive and wonderful things for a comfortable and happy life. One of the features of that vision board was a kind and attractive partner in her life. I also made her a recording that begins with her name, that her live has positively changed and that no one has control over her life. It also said, “I’m in a wonderful relationship, he always opens the car door for me, he is this… and that good thing and that she is like a Queen Maketa.” There was a lot of information on that recording about her happy, future life with her companion and that she was happier in her job and doing better financially.

She started her processes immediately and it was only two weeks after her divorce that she met a very nice man in a mall. Her started a conversation with her and they were very attracted to each other. This man looked almost like the man we put on her vision board. They decided to go out together and get to know each other better.

So would you believe it, that when they went on their first date, he opened the car door for her? And during that same evening, he said in a very complimentary way that she was like an African Queen! That was an amazing start and they are continuing. What a turnaround after 20 years of her being in a toxic relationship. She later told me she had only listened to the recording a couple of times before they met.

Now it gets better. We talked about the job she had been in for the last 5 years and felt stuck in. I asked if she wanted to move up and she wistfully said that she did, giving the impression that it wasn’t possible right away. She was hoping that in three years or so, she could make $80,000.

I said, “Why wait so long and shoot so small? Let’s go for $90.000 and have it happen in 12 months. Do you want it? Do you really want it?” It seemed unbelievable to her but she said yes.

For many years in the past, she had been applying to other positions in the company without any success but once she put out that intention for something better, within 8 months positions began to open up for more money, and some hit the $90,000 goal. 

She told me that each time she has applied for a better job in the past, her supervisor wouldn’t approve it and she couldn’t get transferred to that better position. I recommend that she apply anyway and sure enough, her supervisor turned her down two times, blocking the path.

I told her if you want to accept that OK, but that is NOT what is on your vision board. You are going to get that transfer and you will get that money and come whatever, it will happen this year. I also added, “Is the supervisor your reality or does your reality belong to you?” “It is mine!” she said.

So she reapplied for the new position and this time she didn’t submit it through the supervisor, but another level up to her boss. Her application came directly back to her as approved! This was outside the norm in that company and her approval letter indicated that. “We are telling you first before we tell your supervisor.” The job starts at $80,000 and in 6 months, she will make $90,000! At the time, she was making $70,000, so that is quite the success story! The impossible happened!

After all of that, I thought of myself and felt deserving for helping my friend in such big ways. I didn’t ask my friend for anything though. Asking what would be good for me, I decided that I would somehow receive $10,000 each month by doing something I love or whatever. I would not limit, doubt or get in the way of that happening. I added that to my intentions.

Going back to my friend with the new job, some other good things had also came in to her financially. She was elated at all of her recent good fortune and called me with some good news. She said, “I’m going to pay you $10,000. You are more than worth it. What you did from your heart for me and the quick success that followed deserves a generous response” I was much surprised but accepted and happily thanked her! I am open to receive!

It is amazing what we can do!

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