I Dared to Dream Big. Could it Happen? (reprise story)

I Dared to Dream Big. Could it Happen? (reprise story)

I like what E. said at the bottom of his story,  “There’s this saying, if you are happy or not, you are right.” Thank you for sharing your wish come true.

E. writes:
We started out with pretty humble beginnings. My wife and I didn’t have any family money or anything like that. We knew that everything we achieved had to come from our own resources. We always wanted to have a comfortable home with a significant piece of property for cattle and horses. I didn’t understand how that could ever happen, but it was our dream just the same.

We did get a modest home out in the country with some acreage, nothing over the top, but comfortable for my wife, me and our six kids and that took care of all our needs. We had a little ranch with some cows and horses and we could take care of their needs too. After happily living there for a time, we learned that the property owner next door sold a 160 acre piece to residential housing developers. Once those houses were built, we started fielding complaints that our cows and calves made too much noise. The city had apparently moved to us and it was time to move on ourselves.

I am self-employed in the stucco business with two employees, not a foundation for a financial empire. I knew about manifesting and it got me to thinking that perhaps this would be worth a try. My stucco business is mostly urban work, so I didn’t want to be too far away from my business. Of course, the closer in you are to the city, the more expensive it is – a tricky balance. My wife and I talked about what we wished for a new place and put together a pretty clear idea of what could work best for us. At some point I physically wrote all down. I didn’t specify an exact amount of acreage, but it was substantial. We wanted the freedom to do what we wanted on a small ranch without the restrictions of neighbors living on top of us. This was our long-term, lifetime plan.

It was 2008 and the market was at the bottom but we put our place up for sale. To our surprise, we had three showings in two days without any information about what people are interested. Shortly after, we were out cleaning stalls on a Sunday afternoon and this couple pulled in a rental car. They told us who they were and said, “You know, we’re not supposed to be here without a realtor but we’ve looked at your house three times in the last two days and we love it. They made an offer to buy it, no inspections, no objections and at full price! The only catch was, they were moving from South Carolina and wanted to take occupancy in 27 days!

We would have to move out all the stuff for eight people and the cows, horses with all of that associated equipment as well. The offer was amazing and we took it. Now to find where we would go next. My wife and I got in the truck and started driving around out East, a direction we rarely travelled. Just eight miles out, we came across this old farmhouse that not been lived in for a long time with broken up windows and overgrown trees actually growing into the open windows of the house. Laying on the ground was a real estate sign. We got the number from it and called the agent. He didn’t want to represent the property anymore and gave us the direct number of the owner. After a chat, the owner told us it passed to family members after their mom and dad passed away.

He gave me a price that was way too rich for us and I told him so. The owner asked me for a counter and I told him I would get back to him. The owner also explained to me that the property would go into foreclosure in 45 days and that back taxes were owed on it. I called a realtor friend of mine and he recommended that I offer 33 cents on the dollar, close it privately without a realtor and pay the back taxes. It would be an amount we could afford.

I called back with my offer and after consulting with the other family members / owners, they agreed to the deal. The house needed more work than I thought, nine months worth, but we got it done somehow. We can’t imagine living anywhere else. When you walk into our place, it is Home.

From a financial perspective, there’s no way in the world we should be living in that good home on a that special piece of property.Did I tell you it is 1600 acres? That’s a sizeable amount of land. The kids regularly have conversations with my wife and I about when we are all older, who’s moving in and who’s taking over and how to split this up so they can each build a house on the property.

Looking back at the whole picture, it goes back to getting this idea in my head, talking about it with my wife and putting it into a written note. Over the years I thought about this house and farm but kept it as a big picture idea, without too much detail. Also, I didn’t try to figure out how it could happen financially, that is, I didn’t rule it out, get in the way, and I think it kept the dream alive.

There’s this saying, if you are happy or not, you are right. If you are a negative person all the time then you know what? You’re right. If you think you’re going to succeed or fail you’re right, it just depends on what you’re thinking.  if you know what you desire and are willing to work for it, dream and plan for it, you will wake up one morning and realize the dream came true.

Thanks for the opportunity to pass this on,

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