The Key is in Your Hand

The Key is in Your Hand

My sister for the last couple years has been dating this guy that is really not a good fit for her. They have almost zero in common and they live separately. He not a very nice person either, making fun of her all the time, putting her down and has been physically abusive. I told her you don’t need to put up with that, you’ve got other options, but she didn’t believe me.

She was scared not to be in a relationship, so she stayed with the guy.

Recently, she went on a trip with him, driving to a national park in another state. This was a big outing for them. She got back a couple of days ago and I texted her to see if she wanted to talk about her trip. I was curious about how it went because she loves the West, being outdoors and kayaking. She said that was the worst trip ever, didn’t want to talk about it right now, and to call her over the weekend.

Days later, I got the lowdown on the trip and it was a continuation of being with a person for 10 days full-time who complained a lot and often told her what a horrible person she was.

At the end of the trip she said, “I’m done, we’re done, I can’t do this anymore.” He agreed that it was obvious they should split up. I was relieved to hear that.

Then she told me what happened when she first got back home from the trip. She drove up to her place and there’s this guy out in the in the yard next door planting grass seed. He is a friend of the neighbor and was hired to do the planting. He acknowledged her in a friendly way and they talked a bit. Then she realized that the two of them have much more in common than the other guy she just broke up with. He is very much about the West and outdoor activities… it was just one common interest after another and she’s like, “Oh, that’s really interesting.”

Then he offers, “We need to get together and have a nice chat over again over dinner.” They continued to talk out front and it turns out this is a very nice man and a full-time chemistry professor. Oh, and she said yes to the dinner.

She asked me on the phone the next day about what that encounter could mean. I told her, “It was likely that the former relationship was holding you back. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell you that you did exactly what you needed to do and then to be open for the right person that could come along.”  She went, “Ohhhh,” and I continued on to say that dating the wrong guy likely blocks the right one from coming in.

So, who knows if this is the right man or not, but it shows my sister that she is a good person and worthy of someone that is also good for her. She doesn’t have to settle for bad behavior on the premise that  no one else would want her. Also, if she can break away from a bad relationship and is prepared to go forward and create her own happiness, then she’s eligible for the same, another well-rounded and self-sustaining person.

How many times did she ask and hope for a better partner? Plenty. The prayers, the manifesting, the however-she-was-desiring-change was in motion. The biggest obstacle was her. That 10-day trip turned out to be very important, a gift perhaps. It allowed them both to see clearly and it provided the opportunity for a good and quick decision. It’s remarkable that she drove back home to her “new world” where kindness met her before she even got her key in the door.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, this is such an inspiring story.

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