Manifesting the New House and No Debt: part 2

Manifesting the New House and No Debt: part 2

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Continued from November 8

L writes:

Okay, so it was time for a brand new movie and I was ready for the challenge! But this time it was going to be about our house selling at full asking price. Since this was more of a “concept” than a visual image for my movie, I just pictured the phone ringing and our realtor calling to tell us our house was sold. But I also did something else in addition to that movie. Something I didn’t realize was extremely powerful until much later. I started talking about it…and talking about it.

I went to work on Monday and told every single one of my co-workers that a for-sale sign was going out in my yard this upcoming Thursday and that my house would be SOLD by the end of the weekend. I practically bounced around the office singing it. My co-workers looked at me like I was completely nuts. One person went so far as to say to me, “don’t you think you have unrealistic expectations given the current economy?” But I didn’t care what that person thought. It wasn’t going to stop me. This was fun! I got $10k from the last movie in under two weeks so why not a couple hundred thousand for the house! I was all fired up to get this house sold right away and get the full asking price – so bring on the showings.
And bring it on is exactly what happened. That for sale sign went up on Thursday and from Friday morning through Sunday evening we had a total of 26 showings! Our realtor told us she was in shock – she had never seen so many showings in such a short time. We would come back to the house in the evening and hubby and I would have fun looking at all the realtor cards left behind on the kitchen table, imagining which one would be “attached” to our buyer. There was one card left on Saturday that stood out to us as being the single most unimpressive business card of the lot. It was not the typical fancy gloss paper card with prominent realtor photo, and prominent realty company. Instead it was basically a homemade business card on plain white card stock with a giant picture of an eagle on it and the name of the realtor, and not a fancy realty company either. Okay, I thought at the time, that one was probably not going anywhere.

Monday morning came around and no call from our realtor. Tuesday and Wednesday and still no call from the realtor. Hmmm…I was supposed to have this house sold this weekend. Be patient, I thought, maybe our “buyers” are just thinking about it. We had several more showings over these three days including the coveted “second showing” on Wednesday night. This could be the one, I thought. When we got back in our house that evening there was that crazy looking “eagle” card lying on the kitchen table. I didn’t know what to think at this point. Was this a joke or a serious buyer? This guy certainly didn’t “look” very professional from his card. I thought if we are going to get an over-market, full asking price offer I anticipated it would most likely be from a full price kind of realtor, not the eagle card guy. Maybe I needed to be more “serious” about my movie and stop having so much fun. I had no idea. I kept on with my movie every evening undaunted, but “leave the doubt out” I thought. Then Thursday afternoon we got a call from our realtor. We had an offer. And, drum roll please…it was for full asking price! We asked who the buyer’s realtor was and if you haven’t already guessed it, it was the guy with the eagle card!

We learned the buyers were a young couple that just moved here 3 months ago from another state and their realtor was a friend who knew the city. They were renting a house two streets over from ours and wanted to stay in the neighborhood because it was close to work. Our realtor told us they fell in love with our kitchen and master bath, and the icing on the cake for them was the pink painted room with the name “Gabrielle” painted over the bed. Their daughter was the same age as our, with the EXACT same name and a fondness for the color pink too. We also found out they had decided to buy the house on Saturday but needed a few days to get some of their finances in order. Wow. We really did “sell” our house in a weekend. And not only did we get what we wanted, our buyers got what they wanted too.What an amazing feeling of gratitude I felt. Now it was time to find our next home…and that of course meant a brand new movie.

Once again I kept it very specific and very simple. In my movie we had a house on a cul-de-sac, nice neighbors with kids our kids could play with, no interior painting necessary (we were still exhausted from all the painting we did in our current house), a great view out the back with no homes behind us and lots of yard between us and our neighbors. I also added that we would find this house in three day’s time. I figured it took two weeks on the first movie, one week on the second movie, what the heck? Let’s go for three days on the third movie

We looked at about a dozen houses in two days and none of them panned out. Some we just drove by and ruled out if they were even remotely similar to our current home. On the third day our realtor called early in the morning and excitedly told us she found us our house. It had been on the market for almost six months and no buyers. She said she almost passed it up because it was about $25,000 above our price range but she couldn’t help thinking that it was just what we were looking for. We went to see it that night and five minutes inside we knew it was the “one.” We made an offer $25,000 below their asking price. Yes, you guessed it, we got the house for the price we asked for. The view is amazing and there are no houses or roadways behind us. The house is twice as big as our previous one, we love all the paint colors the owners chose, it’s on a cul de sac and the neighbors kids are exactly our kids age. We also got a whole bunch of additional goodies in this house that weren’t actually in my movie but was most definitely in my mind. I am still amazed that through an attitude of gratitude, without doubt or contradiction and with a positive, happy and fun approach to manifesting, we got everything we wanted and more.
That is a lot of manifesting, and along the way, she kept making adjustments to improve her result.

At the office, she talked up the idea of her quick house sale, magnifying it further with the extra intention of talking about it out loud to her co-workers. She got a big number of showing and the sale right on schedule. She made an adjustment to remove doubt and kept shrinking the time window for success. L simply used the Manifesting techniques in the book without extraordinary effort or skills. She created all that was needed to end up with the perfect result. Congrtulations!




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