Manifesting and those Amazing Side Effects

Manifesting and those Amazing Side Effects

One of the great purposes of manifesting is to improve our lives in a variety of ways. This newsletter / story archive abundantly proves that people are getting results when they ask, pray or purposely manifest toward a goal.

Then there is that extra something that happens…

The simple techniques in Manifesting 123 are two-fold. First, you gain an understanding of how your thoughts immediately begin to create from in the non-physical realm all around you. It is very important to know that what you are thinking is having a direct effect and that you can control the outcome. It is real.

Second, you learn that your thoughts can actually create a future of your choosing – powerful knowledge with unlimited possibilities.

These two statements open all the doors. You have the capability of improving or creating the life you desire now, Many readers do… and more.

In conversations recently, I was reminded of some surprising outcomes from people that were consistently manifesting. As the book recommends, they manifested using the idea of a movie with various scenes in their future. In this future, every desire has already been fulfilled and they are very grateful.

All is well and at the end of the day they go to sleep. On waking, they discover that something profound has happened and they know it instantly. Here are some of the changes they woke up with along with the certainty that a permanent change took place.

They are happier.
They will not be lonely again.
Their stress has greatly diminished or disappeared.
They are more grateful.
They are not as concerned about finances.
They are more comfortable in their relationship or work.

In each case, the people reporting these happy changes did not purposely manifest these items. Each day they did imagine their comfortable future as they choose it to be. Over a period of time, each person accumulated hours of purposeful thought in that positive future. The result appears to be that each person’s thoughts filled in the unspoken gaps to complete that beautiful picture.

They woke up with the gifts of what is essentially greater happiness and calm without directly asking for them. In some cases, readers stated that their unhappiness or stress was chronic despite their best efforts in the past to make the fix. They can now see a way forward into the future they dream of without the feelings of negativity that had been holding them back.

What happened is not really a side effect, but a demonstration of what your thoughts can do. As you envision it your thoughts will begin to build it.

Point yourself to happiness. Your thoughts are on the job creating the best and most efficient way to reach the goal.

Creating with our thoughts is an amazing capability, a birthright and we are all equally capable.

Put it to work for you!

Ken Elliott


  1. Cindy Parfitt Says: January 18, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    I am living proof of this side effect. I continually manifest daily. I am no longer a negative person. I am no longer afraid to show people that I am a happy person and am ok with who I am.

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