Manifesting: What is my purpose?

Manifesting: What is my purpose?

Recently, a number of people asked me the question, “I want to know my purpose in life. How can I find out?” 

Often in conversations I’ll ask people to speculate that if all of their financial needs were abundantly covered, what would they do next? Travel comes up and I reply, “So you have taken a number of international trips this year and you are done with travel, so what next?” A better home comes up and I come back with that you have more than enough house now, and so on down the list. Typically, the last thing they choose after every conceivable wish has come true is that they want to be of service to others.

In virtually every case, that person is a kind, generous and helpful soul doing small, unheralded things for people. They are charitable on a scale that is affordable to them, helpful and a source of good advice. Their service, although it may not be easily seen, touches people from time to time.

How do we know our purpose in life? I recommend that we pray for it and to also manifest a solution, using our abilities to create future outcomes. If your goal is to be of service, then we can envision ourselves in the future, inside in our own personal movie. In this movie of ours, we can see how we are helping or serving others in some way. If we prefer teaching, etc, then imagine that you are in a future movie of you in that role. As it is explained in the book, this movie, your thoughts, will begin to create that scenario.

Another way create your purpose in a more unlimited way would be to imagine yourself in your future, sitting comfortably in your chair at the end of the day. Take a breath of the air in that future. Hear the sounds outside in your future. It’s all imaginary, but continue on and take stock of the day or your recent weeks or months. In your comfortable place you become aware, and without detail, of the many times you were thanked or commended for your helpfulness. Emotionally, you feel a real sense of fulfillment and contentment. That visualization, when repeated each day and combined with that loving emotion, is a powerful creative force!

Going back to the original question, “I want to know my purpose in life,” can often be answered very easily. First, listen to what people say to you. They will tell you how you have been helpful and sometimes they have been brought to tears. Often, it’s a small gesture on your part but it was important to them. You may be thanked for something you did years ago, for being there at the right time or just being the good example.

They will tell you who you are, what you do.

Did you start a foundation or charity? Develop a business that supports a large number of employees? No, it was something done for just that one person or a small group. Someone was helped and often a “wave” goes out. A person was helped, they gained their balance and in turn, may be in a better position to help another.

It may be that the most of us are already doing “what we are here to do” and it looks like this: One person helping another and then another, one on one, one on one and one on one.

Is that you? Then be kind to yourself. Your “one on one” is more than it seems and you are doing well with your life. You no longer have to wait for some personal abundance before helping others, you are already doing just that. It may seem insignificant, but not to those you shared your heart and time with.

Thank you for all you do for the Many,


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