The Solution I Needed Came to Me Fast!

The Solution I Needed Came to Me Fast!

I have been doing lectures for many years now and in early May, I decided to add some recorded talks to my offerings. In the past, I have done a number of them on my own and learned that it is not a simple enterprise, particularly when you want a very high-quality result. While I have the ability to master sound recordings, I don’t enjoy this part of the process and am not the best at it.

But I am good at asking and manifesting! I thought to myself and to the universe that it would be great to have someone to help me with this. That was just about it, a clear and clean intention. With a professional sound master, I could better focus on the creation of my new lectures and make them better than ever before.

Within 24 hours, I received an email from someone who was asking questions about my one-on-one coaching sessions. The coaching sessions wouldn’t work out in her case, but during our conversation I found out that this woman had a career as a sound engineer! Even more exciting was that she had been the fulltime sound engineer for a very famous author in the spiritual community.

This is great, I thought, she must have incredible contacts and she might be able to recommend a really good sound engineer to me. As it turned out, her free time was opening up because her fulltime job was moving to part time and said she would work with me! She gave me a great deal for editing and mastering my own recordings and as a bonus, she spent several hours helping me pick out the right recording equipment and getting my hardware set up.

It was like a dream come true and it solved a very big, professional problem for me. But it wasn’t a dream. I did ask, and the solution came to me in 24 hours!


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