Take a Manifesting Ride on Lisa’s Blue Bike

Take a Manifesting Ride on Lisa’s Blue Bike

In this story there are some important ideas that stand out:
Open to the idea
Prayer / asking the universe
Overcoming unworthiness

It’s a ‘small’ story about a bike but it is filled with wisdom and good examples for us.
Thank you Lisa!

Lisa writes:
Many years ago I purchased a red Diamondback Mountain bike, one that was highly recommended to me at the bike shop.
The cost about was about $600 but I wasn’t perfectly happy with it since it wasn’t the color I liked and the pedals were’t quite right for me.

Years later, I decided to sell it and bought a $10 bike from a thrift store. It was a hybrid, teal blue cruiser bike with a comfy seat and I loved it. The bike was so comfortable and beautiful. Unfortunately, I neglected to lock it up for the 5 minutes I was in a store and it was stolen. I was heartbroken and it left me with reservations about having something nice and beautiful because of that loss.

It took a year, but I finally overcame those feelings and began the idea of manifesting exactly the bike that I wanted.

It would be a blue hybrid bike with a with a basket in the front and a rack on the back. The blue color was about the ocean. This next bike would be something like my former bike, but it was going to be better and more comfortable. I would also be able to decorate it in the way I wanted. The cost would be $200, an amount I had available to spend. I repeatedly visualized this and I was also open to the idea of the universe providing that bike or something better for the $200.

I began to search on the Facebook marketplace and within days after putting out my intention, the bike showed up for $200. It was beautiful with blue, airbrushed images of water and the bike was was brand-new! The seller told me she had only ridden it twice! As I had visualized, it had a basket in the front and with a rack in the back. It was mine and I happy took it home and added some customizing of my own. I had happily thought it up, prayed for it, visualized it and then the perfect bike appeared. It my doing as well as a gift from the universe.

That went well, so next I began to manifest a trailer for the bike, one that would be just right. The trailer would allow me to use the bike and haul my groceries, etc. back home. I did the same thing, repetitively visualizing that ideal trailer and at a price that would be easy for me to accept. I also allowed the universe to bring it to me, not getting in the way of that gift.

In my searches, a trailer – the just right one, came up quickly and on sale for $80. I was all set! It all came together like magic but I know better and I’m very grateful!


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Photo credit: top, Blue Ridge Cyclery and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

Ken Elliott


  1. I absolutely love my bike-it is exactly what I put out into the universe and was provided with. I am so grateful. I thank you for the gifts of manifesting and you changed my life and touched my heart. With much love and gratitude. Lisa

  2. Elizabeth Says: June 27, 2022 at 4:48 am

    I love this story!!. Thank you both for sharing. It has reminded me about the importance of details.

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