From a Denied to a Yes. My Manifesting Worked!

From a Denied to a Yes. My Manifesting Worked!

Here are two important things to ask yourself:
Am I worthy?
Is it OK for me to ask for myself?

The answer is yes and yes, and yes, and yes…
My wish for you is that you are healthy, safe, comfortable and fulfilled. Allow these things to flow into your life. Say yes for you. If you are in a good position without want or need, then you are better able to help others. It may be that you will be saying yes to benefit more than just yourself.

Ms. G. writes:
So, a little back story. I am working on rebuilding my personal credit and to get the process started, I applied for three credit cards two months ago.
I was denied for all of them, a very disappointing outcome.

Recently, I just felt like applying again because I wanted to buy a surprise gift for my eldest daughter. She just bought her first house and I wanted to get her something special. The gift would be beyond my cash on hand, so an approved credit card would be needed to make this gift possible.

I made another credit card application, not realizing that I had reapplied to the same credit card company that denied me 2 months ago. Unaware of my mistake, I blissfully moved forward to improve my chances by deciding to use my manifesting tools to create a successful outcome. After making the application, I said, “Credit card companies just love giving me credit cards and oh, I’m just awesome at this.” That was my conversation to myself on my drives to and from work each day.

I checked my email yesterday I saw a communication from the credit card company I made the second application with. My first thought was, “Oops, denied as per usual.” I quickly stopped that thought and said instead, “Whatever the outcome, I am worthy.” There was the deep breath and then I opened the email.

It read, “Ms, G, you are approved for the …. credit card and your card is in the mail.”

I stared at that email for a good minute, literally rereading it 3 times. It worked! This is one of the many times my manifesting has come through for me and I am So Grateful!
Ms. G.

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