My Loneliness Just Melted Away!

My Loneliness Just Melted Away!

Once people begin using the Manifesting 123 techniques every day, they encounter some very pleasant side effects. in a recent newsletter people reported how they were suddenly waking up happier. Others talked about how they were less stressed at work. In both cases, nothing had changed in their everyday environment, but clearly they felt more joyful and liberated.

It doesn’t stop there. People are writing in to describe how they are no longer attached to a past relationship. A number of people have been really struggling with those unhealthy bonds for years and suddenly they feel free. This liberation can happen gradually over time and in a few cases, it simply disappears in a flash. After months or even years of struggle, they feel free and empowered. Here’s another tough one, loneliness.

Loneliness is something many of us have been afflicted with from time to time and it is very difficult to overcome. Not only is it an impediment to happiness but it also produces a number of unwanted emotions including feelings of unworthiness and insecurity.

Imagine how thrilling it is for people to feel their loneliness slipping away and in some cases, waking up and immediately discovering that those feelings of loneliness have completely disappeared overnight!

It sounds too good to be true. How could this possibly be happening? It’s all so very simple really, and you are the one making it happen. Manifesting 123 is incredibly important because it describes how your thoughts actually begin to form in the unseen world around you. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Whatever you are continuously thinking about will begin to take shape.

This is revolutionary knowledge. You can create anything by just touching it with your thoughts every day. No more hoping and wishing, you are building immediately with your thoughts every time.

So here’s what is happening to produce that sweet side effect. People using the Movie technique described in the book are imagining themselves in their perfect, future scenarios. Day after day they are in their Movie with a number of different scenes, all happy and comfortable. Gratefulness abounds.

In the unseen field around them, numerous things are being created, objects and concepts. This new world is their place of happiness and fulfillment. The individuals may not have asked for these things specifically, but these lovely emotions permeate the blissful future they are creating.

As their creation develops, they will sometime experience a bleed-over. It’s a bit like this: when a piece of paper gets wet, it will sometime transfer inks onto another surface. When people start manifesting every day they sometimes sense or see signs of their creation getting closer. Often it is in the form of coincidences, or in another form as described here, it can be felt in your heart.

It makes perfect sense – if you are creating a much better place in your future, then it would be a place of far more happiness with less stress and loneliness. It’s all because of you. Just think it.

Your thoughts are Big.
Stay on the high road and begin to create all the love, peace and comfort you wish. In your future, there is no room for worry or the problems you carry now. In the future of your creation you are happy and grateful for countless reasons. You are completely fulfilled there, with or without that perfect partner, big-paying job, etc. You are not needy but quite the opposite. In your gratefulness you find more generosity and love. Many people manifesting are feeling it now. The future is finding them through their heart first.

It’s so very simple but amazing just the same.


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Above photo from the NY Times blog: Why Loneliness Can Be Contagious

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