I Just Woke up Happier!

I Just Woke up Happier!

There is a common theme coming in from readers of Manifesting 123. It goes something like this. They typically close their eyes and visualize their future each day as a ‘Movie’ and in their future, life is good!

Their current problems don’t exist in this future. In their future vision they observe how everything worked out and their dreams and aspirations have already happened.

In their future they experience a lot of gratefulness and worry or fear is not to be found. In these Movies comfort, happiness and peace are the norm.

Now their Movie is done and they open their eyes to the real world with the ups and downs typical to everyone. No fantasy here. The schedule awaits and the everyday pressures and demands start to sink in. Or do they?

People are reporting that after they have done the Manifesting 123 for a time, something unusual happens:

Out of the blue, they just wake up happier. It just happens. After days and weeks of spending time in their happy, Movie future, happiness finds them. How?

It could be any number of things – all good. After spending hours in that lovely future, they experience a pleasant respite from the everyday world, much like the after-effect of watching a happy film at the local cinema.

It could also be that they have the equivalent of one foot in the future at all times and a pleasant connection is made to the Now. Others observe that so many of their future scenes have come to pass that they often experience their future now.

Whatever the cause may be, this happiness effect is very common and a sweet surprise. Here’s another after-effect. A number of other people, some very successful business people talk about something beyond waking up happy.

They notice that the problems common to their jobs are somehow diminished. The problems are still there – work is like that, but for whatever the reason these troubles don’t get under their skin and aggravate them as much.

Readers commonly mention that it is as if they are operating on some higher level. Somehow these common problems seem less compelling because they have a higher or wiser point of view. They love it. The tasks flow easier, there is less stress and their jobs become more pleasurable.

Why would we be surprised to wake up happy?

Perhaps it is because we have been trained to think that it can’t be that easy. We are not deserving. It is not our turn or or fate to be happy and comfortable. Or some say they have never really been happy, so this is not going to be possible.

Well, it happens anyway.

They didn’t sign up for the Happiness Seminar or take the happy pill. Each person simply used the techniques in the book. They went to the future, expressed gratefulness and off-loaded the fears that would block their progress. It was so very easy and pleasurable to do.


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After hearing the interviews, you will have all that is required. There is nothing in your way. Buy the book later or not, but start now… go ahead.

You might just wake up happy and then smell the coffee.

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