OK!  I’ll Ask and See What Happens

OK! I’ll Ask and See What Happens

Do we get in the way of our own success? Sure, it’s a common behavior, but why? This might be helpful. Remember, there are two great powers: Love and Fear. If we can see our actions as being in one of those positions, we just might be able to see if we are in our own way for cleared to fly. Which would you prefer?

Sometimes you just have to make a conscious choice to get over your old beliefs in order to become who it is you really are. ASK for what you desire.

I’m an author in the spiritual genre and I enjoy hearing what other authors like me have to say. One other author I follow, we’ll call him Dave (not his real name), has written many books on topics ranging from consciousness to magic to creativity and music and UFOs. Yes, his interests are wide-ranging but I enjoy his open-minded and curious investigation into this grand experiment called physical reality.

Over the last several years, a lot of the work Dave has been doing relates to consciousness: what it is and how it impacts our view of reality. I was looking through his recent podcasts and noticed that while he was interested in the subject that I primarily write about (the wisdom that can come from near-death experiences), he hasn’t had any guests on his program like me. He hasn’t had an NDE experiencer on his show.

My initial thought was, well, I could be that person.

Then old beliefs and programming popped up. I wasn’t important enough to be on a show like his. I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to say. Who did I think I was, anyway, wanting to be on Dave’s show?

I allowed that old programming to run for about a day, maybe a little more. It didn’t feel very good, but every time I had the inclination to write Dave an email, I found a way to procrastinate. Wow, I need to go pick those flowers, rake the debris out of the flower beds, pick a paint color for the walls…I kept finding reason after reason to avoid sending that email.

And here I was, Ms. Spiritual Author, allowing old patterns to resurface.

The next morning, I awoke with the realization that I just needed to get over my darn self and ASK for what I wanted. What was I waiting for? That Dave would magically discover me and invite me on his show? That might happen eventually, but if I wanted to do my part and take a step toward my desires (ultimately, to help more people learn from the wisdom I was given in Heaven), I would have to just get over myself and contact him.

I asked myself, “What would be the worst that could happen?” He doesn’t reply? I could handle that. The other “worst” is that he could say no. Well, that wasn’t a problem either. So, I started typing. I wrote a courteous and truthful email about how I valued his contribution to the study of consciousness, and if he ever wanted to talk about NDEs on his program, I’d enjoy being a part of it.

Then, before my old programming kicked in and deleted the message, I clicked SEND!

I didn’t have an expectation of any kind as to when he would, or if he would, get back to me. I suspected Dave might be pretty busy, what with several podcasts a week and working on a book. I figured that at best, it might be several days before I heard back from him. In an hour I received a reply, and he asked me to be on his show!

Sometimes you just have to make a choice to get over yourself, push past your old ways of doing things, and make a move. At the least, just ask.
Nancy Rynes
Author of Awakenings from the Light and
Messages from Heaven

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