I Manifested Something Richer Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed to Ask For

I Manifested Something Richer Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed to Ask For

Back in 2012 I started to think about traveling around in a RV. I liked the idea of the freedom it would bring as well as the unplanned experiences that would come with it. The thought stayed with me and it became a part of me.

I was also thinking of having a loving partner and I consciously began to visualize him as well. I was learning the qualities I wanted in him and I knew it was very important for me to be aware of who and how I am and meet this partner as an equal, each on a high level.

Another visualization I was doing involved a place to live, more in a country setting on a piece of land with trees where I have a very comfortable living space with a separate dedicated place for an art studio.

Gradually, I began to feel that I was eligible for someone like that and I deserved it. This was a very important realization and it made my manifesting even more powerful with this loving and confident emotion.

To my heart’s surprise, I did meet that man and why am I surprised – we had the same dreams and interests.  A couple of years later, we decided to dive into our life together by moving me to New Hampshire where he is from.  He also had a dream to own an RV and ended up picking me up from Colorado with his new (used) RV. It was incredible to watch him pull up in this amazing motorhome.  Some years earlier, he was involved in a lawnmower accident, almost died twice and endured many surgeries. He became very self-aware in order to get through the accident and to heal himself physically and emotionally. It was like starting over for him. We are a very good match.

After living in the RV for 4 months in New Hampshire, we located a property we fell in love with that had a home and two outbuildings, one for my art studio and the other for his workshop and tools. It is the idyllic place for us, especially with the layout of the land and trees.  The best part of our property is that it abuts a cemetery.  Now we have a quiet, private gem and are grateful everyday.

We are very happy and we remain that way because we are aware of how we constantly interact with each other, and even though we have differences and tough spots at times, we know we are worth it. We have a lot of tools to solve those differences and continue to grow. We choose to remaine together at those moments. We have changed a lot over the years and because we do the “work” in that regard, we have grown closer and have been full partners, enriching our lives.

We speak up knowing that it is an opportunity for more understanding, growth and love.

I started out thinking about traveling in an RV and meeting that good man. I continue to dream, by using my imagination and utilizing vision boards and why wouldn’t I? My life has come a long way as a result of my manifesting and I’m not stopping now.

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  1. Elizabeth Fraser Says: August 10, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    Thank you again Ken for publishing. And thank you Denise for sharing. Another inspiration to guide me.

    Just when I was wondering if my dreams seemed too big!

    Best to you

    • Ken Elliott Says: August 10, 2020 at 9:16 pm

      Thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth. I’ll pass this onto Denise and she will be happy to know her story touched you.

      Thank you for the reminder to dream bigger myself. What is big anyway?

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