Prayer and Manifesting Prevailed, Not Blindness

Prayer and Manifesting Prevailed, Not Blindness

Earlier this week, I began to think of T’s remarkable story from 2014. It is a story of hope and what her thoughts and manifesting brought about, so it is presented here again.

T. writes;

Hi Ken,
I have actually been waiting for about six months to share this information with you. Do you remember when I attended the Manifesting 1-2-3 class in your home last summer? You asked, “What do you want?” and all I could think of was my eyesight. I had glaucoma for about three years at that time.

You told me exactly what to say. You recommended, “I am in my future and my glaucoma does not exist. I am so grateful.” Every morning when I woke up I would repeat these exact words. Because I am a Christian, I would also pray for this to happen.

About two to three months later I went for my annual glaucoma tests. You can imagine my surprise as the doctor was reading my test results and said, “I don’t think you have glaucoma.”

Frankly, I almost fell out of the chair. I did not want to immediately accept the information. Funny how that works. We ask for a miracle and when it happens we find it difficult to accept.

Anyway, the doctor asked me if I would trust him because for the next six months he wanted me to go off all the medications and then repeat all the tests. Glaucoma develops slowly, so I would be in little danger during this test time.

It has now been six months and I took all of the tests again. I held my breath as he reviewed the test results. He then announced that he was correct and THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF GLAUCOMA!!!!

Thank you, Ken. Your book, the exact words you gave me, and the blessings from the Father have changed my life.

Your friend,

The doctor said it was a miracle.
T. is an artist and she had been suffering from blind spots for some time. Once she was diagnosed, she began taking medications that required her to sit upright in bed. Her eyesight was deteriorating. She was working with three doctors and T. was told that this particular type of glaucoma usually results in blindness.

Note: From the Glaucoma Research Foundation: There is no cure yet for glaucoma. Glaucoma is not curable, and vision lost cannot be regained.

That is a big burden and it would be a lot of worry for most all of us. T. moved forward and used all that was at her disposal: her doctors, prayers and manifesting. She was allowing and asking.

What amazing news! Her doctor told her that this particular form of glaucoma is rarely cured. When she told her doctor about the book, he advised her to let me know about her good results.

I am privileged to hear amazing stories each week from you all, but this one compelled me to just sit down in quiet gratefulness.

There is another hero in this story, her husband. I have in my notes from last year this email snippet from T. regarding last years Manifesting 123 workshop. “My dear husband knows how much I enjoy your company and this topic and said we will manage the Manifesting 123 class fee.” We are all so happy she attended!

Ask. Show up. Point yourself to Happiness. Be grateful to the God of your understanding.

Thank you all so very much for the wonderful stories you send for sharing here.

P.S.  Do you know the difference between a big miracle and a small one?

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