Question: Can Other People’s Thoughts Have Influence Over Me?

Question: Can Other People’s Thoughts Have Influence Over Me?

Patrice writes:
Geez, I wish I’d known about you years ago (smile).  I do know one thing – I am a powerful Manifester!  Just found out about you today when I was actually looking for some other information and I’m so glad I did. It’s amazing how the Universe has a way of connecting people.

I have a strong desire to be a popular, highly favoured, New York Times #1 Best Selling author of spiritual books, a gifted motivational speaker / coach and healer. I can see me in my perfect profession as a writer and teacher, loving it so much and helping so many people that I am awarded the Nobel Prize (smile.)  In this future I truly love helping others heal and fulfill their dreams. Also, a lot of my time is spent giving back to the community in many ways and around the globe. I am blessed and grateful to have a loving mate, child, home, animals and so on.

Presently however, I have been struggling to rebuild my life after being miraculously healed from breast cancer over 2 years ago. During that time I had constant stress in my life, causing me to go downhill and I fell into depression and financial lack. All the low level emotions of fear, lack and worry were stopping me from moving forward & fulfilling my dreams. Manifesting used to come so naturally to me.

Anyways, it’s time to take back my power. As a sensitive (empath), I pick up on energy easily so it’s important now to keep my thoughts positive & focused on the end result. It hasn’t been easy though.

Here’s a question. Can other people’s thoughts have a negative influence on my life?

I am currently trying to manifest a good job that will allow me to be self-sufficient until my perfect profession appears.

Would you suggest I use the technique in the book and go into the future to visualize this job with a good salary for now? I am currently manifesting my other desirable things: a new place, healthy cat, and more.

Thank you,

Hi Patrice,
When you think about it, we are under influences constantly, positive and negative in the media, at work and at home.

Sometimes we find ourselves being controlled by events or others and it’s very hard to keep on a positive track. Please know that your thoughts can create anything. The book describes how your repeated thoughts create form as you think it.

Knowing that your thoughts are literally creating form in real-tme is Very Important and incredibly empowering.

First, congratulations on your miraculous healing! It is nice to have those miracles in your life to hang on to!

To your questions, a lack of focus on what one desires can allow the intentions of others to affect your life. It creates an absence of will, a void for other intentions to have influence. That’s why it is important to clearly know what you desire and point yourself to that goal. Also, it is critical to know what you will not have or allow in your life.

Can other people’s thoughts have influence over you? I’ll answer it this way. Your thoughts are stronger then others. it is difficult for another to wish you better test scores or to run faster. The same holds true for negative thoughts that may be in your life. Your thoughts are prime and when combined with a clear idea of the life you wish, the negative thoughts of others are even weaker.

Manifesting 1,2,3 instructs you to imagine a future where you can clearly observe and create two important things: A future where your desires are currently in place and second, that future where you are free of worry and negativity. This is the future you create with purpose, your ideas and not the negative or limiting intentions of others.

Remember that you are constructing a future where the perfect vocation you spoke of has already happened. It may be that you were supported along the way with jobs, income or the equivalent of income, but it all worked out perfectly to get you to your fulfilling future. For the financial scene in your future, simply observe that the finances or equivalent of finances are always in place ahead of time and that your bills and expenses are not a concern. Don’t specify the steps that got you there. It is entirely unnecessary and creates limits to what is possible. Your thoughts will build an efficient path to the future you envision.

Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and you don’t need #3 proofs out how your thoughts literally build whatever you repetitively focus on and how the addition of gratitude or worry amplifies those thoughts, bringing them into being.

Point yourself to Happiness!

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